How to find CBCS and CGC Sales on GoCollect!

by Lauren Sisselman

032923C-3-1024x536 How to find CBCS and CGC Sales on GoCollect!Are you new to the world of collecting? Don’t know where to start when looking up sales on the GoCollect site? This quick, handy guide will help you navigate the GoCollect comic book collectors’ market page!

When you land on the GoCollect landing page, you’ll see a column to your left with our logo at the top. Underneath will be a few options to take you to different parts of the site. Underneath the ‘Collectors Market’ section, click ‘Comics’. From there a few options will populate underneath; ‘Market Overview’, ‘Comics by Series’, and ‘Cert Lookup’. From here you’ll want to click on ‘Market Overview’.

Screenshot-2023-04-10-215752 How to find CBCS and CGC Sales on GoCollect!

After you click on ‘Market Overview’ you’ll be on the ‘Market Overview: Comic Books’ landing page.

This page gives you an overview of current market trends with comic books of all eras. Above the ‘Market Overview: Comic Books’ you’ll see a search bar. Type in any comic book you’re looking up — such as Detective Comics #27. Once you enter the book title, hit enter, and you’ll be taken to another landing page where several Detective Comics’ will be listed.

Click on the book that you’re looking for information on. Once you click on the book, you’ll be taken to that specific book’s information page. Here you’ll find general information about the book including the creative team, first appearances, and if it’s a key book.

Screenshot-2023-04-10-215947-300x237 How to find CBCS and CGC Sales on GoCollect!

To the right you’ll see a chart with a GCC census, showing the total number of graded books across all labels. To the left, under the book’s initial information, you’ll see a tab listing detailed priced sheets for both CGC and CBCS-graded books. This chart will give you things such as the fair market value, the one-year average, etc. Clicking on either CGC or CBCS will populate the charts for both companies.

Screenshot-2023-04-10-220101 How to find CBCS and CGC Sales on GoCollect!

The third tab, ‘Search’, will populate all of the sales starting with the most current sale. This lists both CGC and CBCS sales, price sold, date sold, the grades, page quality, pedigrees, signatures, and key issue notes. This is the most up-to-date way to track sales across almost every major auction site.

Screenshot-2023-04-10-220216 How to find CBCS and CGC Sales on GoCollect!

You can also click on a specific grade, which will give you a breakdown of chronological sales for books in that grade, as well as a graph comparing the Present Dollar Value to Sales.

Good luck, and happy collecting!

Upgrade2_Footer How to find CBCS and CGC Sales on GoCollect!*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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