How the New GOTG Will Impact Your Keys

by Matt Tuck

GOTG-1-198x300 How the New GOTG Will Impact Your KeysI’m seeing some impressive art for the new Guardians of the Galaxy lineup, and guess who’s being featured front and center? Cosmic Ghost Rider. To make things even better, Beta Ray Bill could finally be getting his due in those pages as well. How will that affect their key appearances? 

Beta Ray Bill. Silver Surfer. Groot. Star Lord. Cosmic Ghost Rider, and that’s not to mention that the God Country and Thanos Wins team of Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw will be handling the writing and art.

Yeah, I’m in, and I’ll bet I’m not the only one.

What I’m anticipating is that not only will Cosmic Ghost Rider get a boost from the upcoming GOTG, but so will Beta Ray Bill. Despite having a cult following, Bill doesn’t get too much attention, but that could be changing. Here’s where those Cosmic Ghost Rider and Beta Ray Bill keys stand at the moment.


It’s back on the rise. After taking a slight hiatus, Thanos #13 has been on the way back up again. The first appearance of Cosmic Ghost Rider at a 9.8 took a dip this summer, falling below $200 in August. By the end of September, it set a new record when it sold for $355. Since then, it’s been consistently cracking that old $200 mark throughout October and November. Even the 9.0 has been doing well lately, bringing $65 earlier this month.


The alternative-future Frank Castle got his first starring role in a series with Cosmic Ghost Rider #1. Like every other comic these days, CGR #1 was given 14 variants, the most collectible being the Mark Brooks “virgin” variant. Although there haven’t been any sales this month, October saw a 9.8 bring $175.

As for the standard edition, you can get your hands on a 9.8 for about $50. Only weeks ago, it had dropped as low as $25, but it’s on its way back up; the last recorded sale was for $47. While that’s not close to the record-high $82 from October 8, it appears it may be edging closer to that previous mark.


This one has been on the rise ever since we caught a glimpse of Bill’s face carved into the side of the Grand Master’s tower. It only helped things when Kevin Feige dropped the news that Marvel Studios had toyed with the idea of giving him a cameo in Ragnarok. Clearly, a plan is being developed to bring Beta Ray Bill to life, but it’s uncertain when that will be.

In the comics, although Bill has had a handful of limited series, those are generally few and far between, the last one having been released in 2009. If he plays a key role in GOTG, then the momentum from that could finally give him an ongoing series, which would only make Thor #337 even more valuable. That issue has been doing quite well as of late, with virtually every grade experiencing an increase over the past 90 days. While a 9.8 has sold for as much as $450 this year, you can get anything from a 9.4 and below for $100 or less.

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