How Do You Get Your Comics?

by Mike W

Haven-Comics-exterior-300x225 How Do You Get Your Comics?Right now, we are living in uncertain times due to the pandemic. Lives have been turned upside down for so many people. The reality is some states are suffering worst than others. Businesses in all aspects, large or small are affected as people are staying home more than ever. In most states, one of our favorite stores, comic book shops, are suffering and some are forced to close business.  With that, how are people getting their comics nowadays?


Comic book auctions:

With new comics coming to a screeching halt for the last couple of weeks, people are finding ways to acquire books. Thank you coronavirus and Diamond comic distributors for that! Interestingly enough, a popular method of obtaining books nowadays is through comic book auctions. Personally, I have found popular social media avenues such as Facebook and Instagram as good resources for auctions. Comic book auctions mean exactly how they sound. Generally, an individual will list comics for sale with an end date and a starting bid. Once the auction comes to an end, the individual with the highest bid receives the book.

I have found auctions are very helpful. To me, it is useful in finding those rare books that individuals want to unload and sell. Recently, I acquired a book I have been looking for for quite some time. It was acquired through a comic book auction on Facebook. That book is Haunt of Fear #17. A Golden Age comic published in 1953 and it was mine! I acquired an estimated raw grade of 4.5-5.0 for about $150. For now, it will sit in my personal collection, though if in the future I decide to sell, then yea good for me, if it does not sell, well, I will be just fine if no one wants to buy it off me. It is an absolutely awesome cover and I’m so happy to add to my collection.

fear-206x300 How Do You Get Your Comics?


I know what you are thinking, didn’t I just talk about auctions in the last topic? You are correct, I did. Though, eBay is a whole monster on its own. This site is well-known to everyone, not just for comic book collectors. Collectors can obtain comics through so many avenues. Through eBay, individuals can purchase books through auctions, “Buy it Now “(BIN) or “Best Offer” posts.

Auctions on eBay are very similar to what I described in the last topic. BIN sales on the site are when a seller posts a book for sale with a fixed price attached to it. Along with the fixed price, the sale post’s duration can be customized to end based on the seller’s preferences. Generally, a seller uses BIN posts so they can guarantee the amount they want for that comic. “Best offer” posts are similar to BIN, but allow a potential buyer to offer a price they believe they want to pay for it. In the end, the seller has the last call in choosing to accept the offer from the buyer. Additionally, I find with “Best Offer” posts that buyers tend to find good deals on comics, but it may take some heavy negotiating on both sides.

ebay-193x300 How Do You Get Your Comics?


I feel comic book investing and raffles go hand in hand. Comic book raffles have gained popularity in recent years with how enticing it is for buyers and sellers. Firstly, comic raffles are an innovative way for an individual to sell a comic at market price. Raffles are setup where potential buyers buy spots for a price lower than the actual price of the book and the winner is determined by a virtual dice roll. Meaning, the winner is determined by chance.

dome-199x300 How Do You Get Your Comics?

In essence, it is gambling for comics and it can be addicting. Especially, if you happen to win a book for a fraction of what it actually costs, as buyers tend to put more money into raffles. Social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram are popular places to participate in raffles. It is a risky move to participate, as the allure of obtaining a grail comic like Fantastic Four #1 for one-tenth of the cost. For some people, they believe it is their only way to obtain grails, as prices of these tend to go up every year. Just imagine winning a Fantastic Four # 1 CGC 3.0 in a raffle where you gambled in $300. The FMV of that grade is $8,500, that kind of money is not lying around to spend for many people.

FF-200x300 How Do You Get Your Comics?

In closing, however you obtain comics is up to you. I did not mention local comic shops, as they are a victim of the pandemic. But, just to be clear, I am super pro supporting your local comic shop in getting your books as well. I was primarily chatting on the other ways people are getting new or old comics during the present time. Personally, I have used each outlet depending on what book I want to obtain. I would say, do not be afraid to try these other means, as you could be missing out on some great comics! Anyways, thanks for reading and happy hunting!



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