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051922D-1024x536 HOTTEST SILVER AGE COMICS: BATMAN & DR. STRANGE RULE MAYNote: This post contains spoilers about various Marvel and DC on-screen projects related to these comic issues. Analyzing the Hottest Silver Age Comics of the last 30 days is a case study of both what lies behind us and speculation about what lies ahead. One of the five books below speculates on news from upcoming projects announced and rumored to be on the big screen. 

Another two books on the list are related to previous Batman franchise films. The new Dr. Strange movie also is still driving up values for characters that appeared in the film. These movies and future projects are still driving speculation and Silver Age books are rising because of it.

Here are the five highest risers among Silver Age books in the past month. Strange-Tales-126-200x300 HOTTEST SILVER AGE COMICS: BATMAN & DR. STRANGE RULE MAY

Strange Tales #126 (+100 spots)

If you saw Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness and know anything about this book, you understand exactly why it is significantly spiking.

Assuming you saw the post-credits stinger, you were treated to Charlize Theron as Clea. Clea recruits Dr. Strange to come assist her with an “incursion” that was caused by the antics of that movie.

This clearly sets up Clea as a long-time character in the MCU which sent the book soaring up the charts.

Screenshot-2022-05-20-134809 HOTTEST SILVER AGE COMICS: BATMAN & DR. STRANGE RULE MAYIn one of the more shocking and sudden spikes in value you are bound to see for a while, a CGC 6.5 copy of this book has almost doubled in value since the beginning of 2022.

In December 2021, two separate CGC 6.5 copies of ST #126 sold for $550 and $372, respectively. Since May began, another two copies of this same grade sold, both for more than $1,000.

This is a book hitting a value peak right now, so if you’re looking to invest I would wait for it to cool off for a bit. Batman-181-200x300 HOTTEST SILVER AGE COMICS: BATMAN & DR. STRANGE RULE MAY

Batman #181 (+64)

Not since Uma Thurman played the campy version of Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin have we seen the villainess on a big screen. Fortunately, that portrayal of the classic Batman villain didn’t ruin her for future generations as there are several Poison Ivy items worth mentioning.

First, Poison Ivy exists in the three-season Batwoman series running on HBO Max. But more recent (shaky) rumors have HBO producing a stand-alone Poison Ivy movie in the near future. No, not a remake of the 90’s Drew Barrymore erotic thriller. This would be a DCEU venture that would finally give our Dark Knight a worthy Poison Ivy to battle.

Her first appearance in Batman #181 would surely benefit. Screenshot-2022-05-20-135043 HOTTEST SILVER AGE COMICS: BATMAN & DR. STRANGE RULE MAY

It could be due to inflation, oversaturation of the market, or collectibles cooling as a whole, but the value of this book has actually decreased over the last few months.

If you want a mid-grade copy right now, a CGC 5.0 will run you about $1,000 whereas the yearly average is over $1,200. If you are just looking to buy into this Silver Age classic, prices have rarely been better. A CGC 3.5 copy has an FMV of $578 when it was over $700 for the entire year. eyJidWNrZXQiOiJnb2NvbGxlY3QuaW1hZ2VzLnB1YiIsImtleSI6ImU5MWMxMzZlLTRiNDUtNGMzOS1iZTMwLTI1N2I3YzI5YTVmYi5qcGciLCJlZGl0cyI6W119-1-200x300 HOTTEST SILVER AGE COMICS: BATMAN & DR. STRANGE RULE MAY

Batman #189 (+60)

Another Batman first Silver Age appearance for one of his villains appears on the list when Scarecrow is introduced in Batman #189.

While there is absolutely nothing official about the Scarecrow appearing in the confirmed The Batman sequel, that hasn’t stopped everyone from speculating on who should play the hideous and psychological villain that would seemingly fit right in with the new world for Robert Pattinson’s Batman.

My personal theory is that all things Batman are still hot right now and this issue is the best way to buy into a classic Silver Age Batman key at reasonable prices. Screenshot-2022-05-20-135745 HOTTEST SILVER AGE COMICS: BATMAN & DR. STRANGE RULE MAY

Prices on this book are extremely reasonable for a Silver Age key. Recently, a CGC 9.0 sold on eBay for just $2,000. Before that, Heritage Auctions had a 9.0 copy sell for just $1,680 in mid-April.

But if that doesn’t fit your wallet right now, the get-in price for a CGC 4.5 is under $400 for the last month.

That seems like a steal for a book that could explode in value moving forward.X-men4-218x300 HOTTEST SILVER AGE COMICS: BATMAN & DR. STRANGE RULE MAY

X-Men #4 (+47)

Audiences are torn about Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff after her portrayal in Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Many loved the heel-turn her character took into a full-blown evil villain. Others wanted more of a redemption arc and a way to bring her back into the Avengers fold, considering her powers and all she has suffered.

What we were left with was an ambiguous death scene for Wanda that absolutely no one thinks will stick long-term. But no matter her direction or motivation in future projects, people still can’t get enough Scarlet Witch.

But even with the massive spike in popularity, the value of this book is mostly holding steady in all grades. A CGC grade of 4.0 is a good example of this. The 12-month fair market value of this grade is $2,550. The two recorded sales in May (both on eBay) sold for $2,367 and $2,717 earlier this month. Recent sales in grades 7.0, 6.5, 3.5, and 2.5 all tell the same story as well. Journey-into-Mystery-Annual-1-1-198x300 HOTTEST SILVER AGE COMICS: BATMAN & DR. STRANGE RULE MAY

Journey Into Mystery Annual #1 (+47)

This entry into the top Silver Age comic risers is a great example of both first appearances and speculation driving the value of a book. In JIM #1, you have several angles to pursue in regards to the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder movie hitting cinemas in July.

We know Russell Crowe has been cast as Zeus and will appear in the film. We also are hearing loud speculation that Hercules makes an appearance in the film. Both of these characters see their first comic appearance in JIM #1 which is driving the popularity as high as Mount Olympus.Screenshot-2022-05-20-144937-300x266 HOTTEST SILVER AGE COMICS: BATMAN & DR. STRANGE RULE MAY

There are relatively few of these books on the CGC census. According to GoCollect, fewer than 1,000 blue label copies of this book exist.

The vast majority fall in the 4.5-6.5 grade range and the 50th percentile is around grade 6.0. The 30-day averages of these books from grades 4.5-6.5 are all holding steady compared to their one-year averages.

In fact, if you want this book in a grade 4.0, 4.5, or 5.0, you would have paid less in the past month than the year-long fair market value.

If Hercules appears in this movie, the value is sure to spike, so right now may be a good buying opportunity. A CGC 5.0 copy sold for just over $500 at the end of April.

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AAA-Ryan-Kirksey-footer HOTTEST SILVER AGE COMICS: BATMAN & DR. STRANGE RULE MAY*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not reflect advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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