Hottest Searches: On the Hunt for Bronze Age Marvel

by Matt Tuck

122022C-1024x536 Hottest Searches: On the Hunt for Bronze Age MarvelGoCollect users were on the hunt for some Bronze Age goodness in this week’s hottest searches.

Once again, the MCU controlled the secondary market. No doubt, it’s the allure of movie magic that keeps these issues on the move, and collectors were keeping tabs on some notable future additions to the cinematic universe. However, Superman #1 remained the most-searched term, keeping the Man of Steel atop this particular hill. 

For this week, let’s take a closer look at some of the individual issues that collectors were targeting. Since we’ve already covered the likes of Superman #1, Avengers #10, Avengers Annual #10, and Something Is Killing the Children #1 in previous weeks, we’re going to dive a little deeper this time around.


Marvel-Premiere-3-197x300 Hottest Searches: On the Hunt for Bronze Age Marvel

As far as searches for specific issues, Marvel Premiere #3 ranked fifth overall. What makes this issue collectible is that Dr. Strange took over the title for a time beginning here. There aren’t any first appearances, but it is an interesting story with Nightmare as the antagonist.

Most fans believe that he will arrive in the MCU at some point, and he was set to be part of the original concept for Multiverse of Madness. That could be why so many users were searching for this one.

X-MEN #101

X-Men-101-198x300 Hottest Searches: On the Hunt for Bronze Age Marvel

While not necessarily a holy grail, the first appearance of the Phoenix Force will forever and always be a popular issue among X-Men fans. In modern comics, Marvel has shifted the Phoenix away from Jean Grey, who had been connected to it since this issue.

Over time, other characters began hosting the cosmic deity, and it’s been placed in the Avengers pantheon lately. Specifically, it’s aligned with Thor after it was revealed that the Phoenix is his true mother. That makes the Phoenix Force a prime live-action target.

X-MEN #164

Uncanny-X-Men-164-197x300 Hottest Searches: On the Hunt for Bronze Age Marvel

Out of all the individual issues being researched on GoCollect, this is the least surprising. Published in 1982, X-Men #164 marked the debut of Carol Danvers’ second superhero moniker, Binary. After Rogue stole Carol’s Ms. Marvel powers in Avengers Annual #10, she spent much of her time recuperating at the X-Mansion. Then, the Brood abducted her, did some experiments, and triggered her ability to tap into the power of the cosmos. Sporting a look that was very close to the Canadian flag, she reintroduced herself as Binary and kicked the crap out of the xenomorph rip-offs.

Will we see Carol follow this character trajectory in The Marvels? That is the question, and buyers are stockpiling their long boxes just in case.


Deadpool-1-194x300 Hottest Searches: On the Hunt for Bronze Age Marvel

Like so many characters across every comics publisher, Deadpool has had numerous issue #1s. While we can’t pin down exactly which Deadpool #1 was being searched, my inclination is that it is the limited series from 1993. After all, this was Wade Wilson’s very first solo title, and those are always prime collectibles.

With the third movie on the way, it’s no wonder collectors would be keeping tabs on this issue.


Batman-227-202x300 Hottest Searches: On the Hunt for Bronze Age Marvel

I can’t blame anyone for looking up this classic issue. When you’ve got a dynamic character like Batman who’s been around for over 80 years, you’ll find a wide range of awesome cover art.

To say that Neal Adams’ Batman #227 ranks among the top-five greatest Batman covers of all time is a massive compliment. The story itself is nothing overly special, but it’s the iconic artwork on display that makes this issue a holy grail.

Here are the full top-10 searches for the week:










X-MEN #101

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