Hottest Copper Comics on the Move – Mid April 2022

by Alan Harper

042022C-1024x536 Hottest Copper Comics on the Move - Mid April 2022X-Men #1 is flying out the door and is one of the top Copper Age comic sellers of the past 10 days.  The Copper Age of comics is generally considered to be the twenty years between the mid-1980s and the early 2000s.   GoCollect tallies the top-selling book of each era on a regular basis.  This post highlights a few top movers so you can decide if you might be a buyer or a seller of the hottest Copper comics.

x-men-1-195x300 Hottest Copper Comics on the Move - Mid April 2022Mutant Movers

The best-selling comic book of all time, the 1991 X-Men #1, is one of the top movers right now.  This book is moving up 24 places to #4 in the list of top-selling Copper Age books.

Bringing together the past X-Men epic story-telling team, Jim Lee and Chris Claremont, this book sets the tone for a new age of X-Men.  There are 7 variants of this book, highlighting various combinations of the main heroes. As usual, a newsstand edition in a 9.8 grade is hard to find.

With a rumored 8.1 million books sold and a census of almost 10,000 9.8 graded copies out there, there is no reason to not grab a great quality copy of this book.  It is likely moving this month because of the preview of Omega Red, the Russian killer, likely the same reason X-Men #4 is on the move.

x-men-4-196x300 Hottest Copper Comics on the Move - Mid April 2022Also in the Top 10 – X-Men #4

This book is down a few notches but still in the top ten Copper Age selling books, moving down slightly to the #8 spot.  This book is the first full appearance of Omega Red.

Jim Lee and John Byrne bring this Russian villain to the forefront.  This book and X-Men #1 (1991) are both on the move because Omega Red is likely the focus of the Black Widow 2 movie.  The follow-up to the much delayed and much-litigated silver screen exploits of Natasha Romonova is rumored to showcase Omega Red; it’s is the perfect next foil after the Red Guardian appearance in Black Widow 1.

While the movie had mixed reviews, it was one of the top earners of the pandemic movie era (such as it was).

New to the Hottest Copper – X-Force #2

x-force-2-195x300 Hottest Copper Comics on the Move - Mid April 2022Entering the top sellers list way up at the #17 spot is a book that is not on many collectors’ lists, X-Force# 2.

This book is a Deadpool key and is the ‘Merc with a Mouth’s’ second appearance.  It is also the first appearance of Weapon X – Garrison Kane.

Disney has said that it will continue with the R-rated movie trajectory of Deadpool and that is good news for Deadpool key books.

While values have been creeping up over the last month, GoCollect is still charting a Fair Market Value of just under $100 for a 9.8 graded copy.

It appears that collectors are willing to bet on some Disney magic getting sprinkled on this franchise.

Weapon-X-start-MCP-72-194x300 Hottest Copper Comics on the Move - Mid April 2022Marvel Comics Presents #72 – up 17 to #14

This book took a huge jump this week, moving up 17 places to land at the #14 spot for Copper Age sellers!

This is a key in part of the vast Wolverine pantheon.

With a classic cover, origin story, and start to the Weapon X Wolverine saga, it has a steady draw of interest.

As with most of the Wolverine key books, this isn’t cheap. A CGC 9.8 has an FMV of $325. Still, Logan is a character that continues to be in demand.

Not So Secret Anymore

Secret-wars-1-201x300 Hottest Copper Comics on the Move - Mid April 2022Secret Wars #1 (1984) is also making a big jump, up 14 places to the #20 hot Copper Age seller.  This is an iconic book from the start of the Copper Age.  It was also one of the first massive cross-over storylines.  It also has a cameo nod to The Beyonder, a powerful character rumored to be in the new Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur animated series.

The promo artwork from the series looks fantastic.  Laurence Fishburne is slated to play the voice of the reoccurring Beyonder, who is described as a mischievous trickster.  Fishburne is also the executive producer of the series coming to Disney + this summer.  This seems like a fun bet on the series.  Values over the last year have come down a bit, so now could be a time to buy this dip.

Copper Age books are uniquely fun to hunt up at local comic shops and conventions.  Gems can often be found sitting in a random long box. You just have to know what Hot Copper is moving!

What is your best Copper Age find for under $5?

000080221A_Games_2-Footer Hottest Copper Comics on the Move - Mid April 2022

*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent investment advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Sean April 25, 2022 - 9:19 pm

1984 isn’t Copper. You can just look at all four covers and see that Secret Wars #1 doesn’t belong with the other three. The Copper Age should begin in the 1985-86 time frame.

Alan Harper May 2, 2022 - 1:39 pm

Sean, some folks put the label for Copper as far back as 1983. What I like about your comment is that you see the shift in the art. I hadn’t thought about the series that way and went back to study it. It is interesting how different the cover of #1 (April 1984) is from #8 (Dec 1984) and very different than #10 (Feb 1985). I often think of this era as a little edgier, darker with the rise of popular anti-heroes. Also the explosion of variant covers, among other things of course. For me it is like when people say ’60’s music’ do they mean 1962 or 1969 – hard to put it in a box and it shows you that these breakdowns into eras only do so much. Alan


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