Hottest Comics: Whole Lotta (Lobo) Love

by Matt Tuck

072622I-1024x536 Hottest Comics:  Whole Lotta (Lobo) LoveThe comic world is still talking about Marvel’s massive announcements from San Diego Comic-Con, and it translates into sales, specifically for X-Men, Vol. 2, #1. Here’s more- in this week’s Hottest Comics breakdown.

They’re ba-ack. 

Four of the usual suspects of the top-100 best sellers, these perennial contenders on today’s list were all moving the needle this week. All we are missing is ASM #363, and the list would be complete. As I have written before, the likes of 1991’s X-Men #1, Omega Men #3, the newsstand ASM #252, and ASM #362 exhibit the yo-yo market effect like nothing else. Whether they are moving up the ladder or falling down, these comics always make a splash. This week, their gains could not be ignored, and much of the progress can be attributed to SDCC.

As always, let us not forget what the data means. The Hottest Comics aren’t based on changes in fair market value. Compiled from daily numbers from eBay, these comics are ranked based on sales volume, and that includes both graded and raw varieties. 

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the biggest movers and shakers of the Hottest Comics.

39. OMEGA MEN #3 (+59)

Omega-men-3-194x300 Hottest Comics:  Whole Lotta (Lobo) Love

There’s no specific connection between Omega Men #3 and SDCC. Lobo hasn’t been mentioned in the DCEU conversation, either in the news or on the gossip sites, and that includes the animated universe. As impressive as Marvel’s SDCC panels were, DC’s con presence was equally unimpressive. Sure, Dwayne Johnson arrived in full Black Adam regalia, and the new trailer for Shazam: Fury of the Gods drew applause, but DC didn’t deliver anything remotely close to Marvel’s stacked MCU lineup. 

You would think the SDCC reactions would propel the Marvel keys to the top while DC’s first appearances would be in the backseat. That may be true for several issues, but Lobo’s debut was on the rebound this week. Why? My guess is that it boils down to the Main Man’s big screen potential. Since DC is moving into adult action-comedy territory, it could be the perfect time for Lobo to arrive in the DCEU. That makes this the perfect time to stock up on Lobo keys, beginning here.

Need an Omega Men #3 to fill that spot in your long box? For the past 30 days, the graded 9.8 has averaged just over $300. Drop the grade to a 9.4, and you can own a high-quality Omega Men #3 for less than $100. Not a bad price for a comic with such investment potential.


ASM-252-newsstand-196x300 Hottest Comics:  Whole Lotta (Lobo) Love

Just like that random itch that seems to creep along your back until you lose your mind, so does the newsstand ASM #252 arrive on the movers and shakers list. Whether the direction is up or down the top-100 best sellers, this issue refuses to stay in one spot for very long. Of course, this is the newsstand edition. Although the only discernible difference is the barcode in the lower left corner, these are harder to find in higher grades. That makes them collector’s gold.

There wasn’t any major Spider-Man news at SDCC, but the wall crawler’s presence didn’t go unnoticed. Marvel unveiled its full release schedule from 2023-2025. Spidey was absent from the list, but we know he will be part of the Avengers films. More importantly was Secret Wars, and buyers immediately connected the dots to the Black Suit Saga and ASM #252.

Just last Thursday, a 9.8 newsstand sold for $2,995. If that’s too expensive for you, downgrade to the 9.6, which has averaged $531 for the past 30 days. Looking for a copy that displays well but doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg? The 8.0 could be your solution with its $177 30-day fair market value.

49. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #362 (+43)

ASM-362-195x300 Hottest Comics:  Whole Lotta (Lobo) Love

Another frequent flier on the Hottest/Coldest Comics blog is the second full appearance of Carnage in ASM #362. Since Kletus Cassady and his bloodthirsty symbiote were eaten at the conclusion of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, the odds are low that we will see him again anytime soon. What could be keeping this issue in the spotlight is his comic co-stars, Spider-Man and Venom. ASM #362 marked the first time the two enemies joined forces, and fans are practically begging to see just that on movie screens.

We thought that would happen in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but the Tom Hardy cameo fell short of fan expectations. Instead, the possible Venom-Spidey meeting was played for laughs, and the disappointment in the theaters was audible. With all the MCU symbiote theories making the social media rounds, fans have not given up hope that it will someday happen. That is the most likely reason ASM #362 won’t stay down for long.

Compared to the 12-month average, prices are down at the moment, but that makes it a prime investment opportunity. This time in 2021, the FMV stood at $173. Lately, that number has dipped to $121.

38. WHAT IF…? #10 (+45)

What-If-10-191x300 Hottest Comics:  Whole Lotta (Lobo) Love

Jane Foster may have bitten the dust in Thor: Love and Thunder (which I totally predicted in “Will a major character die in Thor 4?,” and I stand by my prediction that she will return as a Valkyrie), but her key issues live on. Actually, the first appearance of Thordis lives on, but I won’t waste time splitting hairs. At any rate, this was the first time fans saw Jane lift Mjolnir and gain the power of Thor. 

Since Jane has been sidelined for the time being, what could have What If…? #10 still climbing the charts? Besides the Multiverse and time travel being a centerpiece for Marvel’s future MCU plans, there’s the next season of What If…?. That could provide an opening for Thordis to arrive on the small screen, which could give this issue an FMV boost.

Speaking of FMVs, where does What If…? #10 stand after the excitement for Love and Thunder has been extinguished? The graded 9.8 has lost about $200 on its 12-month average, but it is still earning a respectable $1,271 FMV for the past 30 days. The most recent sale was for $1,005 on July 17, so it could be on the verge of getting below the $1k mark for just the fourth time in two years. 

5. X-MEN, VOL. 2, #1 (+32)

X-Men-1-by-Jim-Lee-195x300 Hottest Comics:  Whole Lotta (Lobo) Love

For several weeks, X-Men #1 had been a mainstay inside the top-10 Hottest Comics before falling to #37 overall. With the increased attention on Marvel’s merry mutants, collectors have been scouting their key issues. Considering the high prices for virtually every Silver Age X-Men issue, it is no wonder that buyers have turned their attention to the Bronze and Copper Age keys. That has put 1991’s X-Men #1 in the crosshairs of many collectors. 

One of the bigger selling points has always been Jim Lee’s tremendous artwork, which became the basis for the style of X-Men: the Animated Series. On Friday, Marvel Studios released the first images for the X-Men ‘97 cartoon, which will continue the original 1990s series. The artwork featured at SDCC stayed true to Lee’s vision for the team, although Magneto is sporting his look from the mid-1980s. 

Despite X-Men #1’s mighty dip in recent days, it came storming back into the top five this week. With fans buzzing about X-Men ‘97, it was only fitting that buyers put an emphasis on this particular issue. Since Magneto will be more of an anti-hero as he leads the team, he will likely be the show’s central character. Among Magneto fans, Jim Lee’s take on the character for the X-Men, Vol. 2, #1’s Cover D variant is among the most cherished ever printed. 

Regardless of the cover, the 1991 extravaganza was a seriously hot issue thanks to SDCC. While the graded 9.8 has averaged $93 in the past month, it has sold for triple digits seven times since Friday. The Storm/Beast cover went for as much as $130, which is interesting considering the vast number of copies on the market. Don’t forget X-Men #1 holds the record for the most copies of a comic ever printed.

Keep up with all the movers & shakers!

000052721D-1-Footer Hottest Comics:  Whole Lotta (Lobo) Love*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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