Hottest Comics: Spider-Miles Leads the Way

by Matt Tuck

021121B_Blog-300x300 Hottest Comics: Spider-Miles Leads the WayLast week, Spider-Man ruled the Hottest Comics index. This time, Spider-Miles overshadowed his predecessor as MCU rumors continue to swirl.

What are the Hottest Comics? Based on a week’s worth of eBay sales data, these are the comics that buyers targeted the most. This is based solely on sales volume, and it is not an indication of gains in fair market value. However, a spike in sales typically results in a spike in FMV. 

Which comics made the biggest gains for the past week? See for yourself.

Ultimate-Fallout-4-second-print-193x300 Hottest Comics: Spider-Miles Leads the Way4. ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4 SECOND PRINT (+995)

Both the first and second prints of Ultimate Fallout #4 not only made the top-10 Hottest Comics, but each cracked the top-five biggest movers. 

Why would the second print of UF #4 rank higher than the first? Cost. 

The more mainstream media attention Miles Morales earns, the higher the prices soar for his first appearance. What can you do if the original print run is too pricey for your budget? Shift your attention to the second print, of course, where a high grade is a fraction of the price of the elusive first print. As we have seen many times over in recent years, those subsequent printings can be collector’s gold, and such is the case for Spider-Miles. 

While the ceiling is much higher for the first print, the subsequent printings have been holding their own and make for sound investment opportunities. For the past 90 days, a 9.8 UF #4 second print has averaged over $300, but the price is still on the way up. Since February 2, those near-mint-plus graded copies have not sold for less than $425. What is more, is that four of the past five sales have been for $500 or higher. 

ASM-13-195x300 Hottest Comics: Spider-Miles Leads the Way5. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #13 (+994)

Did we see the last of Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home? In the final moments of the MCU Spidey sequel, Quentin Beck appeared to die in front of Peter Parker’s eyes. But did he? Considering this is the master of illusions, there is no guarantee that he met his demise. It could have been an elaborate trick used to fool the world into believing he had died. There is also the possibility that another character will take up the fishbowl and become Mysterio as we have seen in the comics.

The real driving force behind Amazing Spider-Man #13’s sudden ascent is likely tied to Spider-Man 3. With the talk of multiverses and Electro and Doctor Octopus being pulled from the Sony-verse, we may be seeing a multidimensional Sinister Six being formed in the MCU. That could mean that Mysterio, in one form or another, is on his way back to the silver screen.

The highest grade sold this month has been the 3.5, which brought $755 on February 8. There also have been two other sales this year, and one of those sold for as much as $780. That happens to be the highest recorded sale for a graded 3.5 in two years.

Considering this is the first appearance of a classic, silver-age Spider-Man villain, it is no surprise that even the bottom rung of grades brings a steep price. The lowest grade sold so far in 2021 has been the 1.8. That copy earned $508 on January 1, setting a new record-high sale in the process.

Eternals-2-193x300 Hottest Comics: Spider-Miles Leads the Way6. ETERNALS #2 (+993)

Now that the MCU is back in full swing after a year-long break, fans have been shifting their gazes toward the next blockbuster movie, Eternals. That has put a premium on those original Jack Kirby issues which feature a number of first appearances related to the upcoming film. 

Eternals #2 is hot this week because it marked the debut of Ajak, who will be portrayed by Selma Hayek in the movie. Along with Ajak, Arishem the Judge made his first appearance in this issue, and it is the first time readers saw a Celestial. That means this issue has direct ties to the Eternals film, and the prices for Eternals #2 will only go up.

Don’t let the three-month FMV fool you when it comes to a 9.8 Eternals #2. Although the sales calculate into a $750 average, prices in 2021 have been insane. Of the five near-mint-plus copies that have traded hands this year, four of those broke the $800 mark. What skewed the data was a $100 sale on January 31. I can’t explain what happened there, but in less than a week, the next 9.8 sold for over $1k. Toss the outlier, and the 9.8 has averaged $904 this year.

ultimate-fallout-4-195x300 Hottest Comics: Spider-Miles Leads the Way9. ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4 FIRST PRINT (+990)

The first print of Ultimate Fallout #4 was hot on the trail of the second print. This week, Miles Morales’ first appearance nearly picked up 1,000 positions as it approached the top-five Hottest Comics.

This has been one of – if not the – hottest comics of the past year. Ever since Miles was announced as the star of Sony’s Spider-Man Playstation game spinoff, every print of UF #4 has taken off. The feverish pace slowed a bit toward the end of last year, but it has gotten a second wind in recent weeks. 

What could possibly give this ultra-popular comic another push? Once again, I refer to Spider-Man 3. Among all the other rumors for the MCU’s third Homecoming entry, there have been reports that Marvel Studios has found its Miles, and the rumor is that he is on the set of Spider-Man 3. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, but it does add up. First of all, Miles was alluded to in Homecoming. There also is the possibility of multiverses, and Miles came from the Ultimate universe in the comics.

The skyrocketing prices for the first-print UF #4 has been nothing short of legendary. Even though talk of Miles’ mainstream debut had a 9.8 selling for over $300 in 2019, things have broken open since last year. Over the past 90 days, that same 9.8 has ballooned to a fair market value of $1,121, so it has nearly quadrupled in two years’ time. The most recent sales indicate the growth is still coming. So far in February, it has reached $1,500 three times, and a new record-high was set on January 18 when a 9.8 brought $1,525.

X-Men-2-200x300 Hottest Comics: Spider-Miles Leads the Way10. X-MEN #2 (+989)

After the last episode of WandaVision, it is no wonder that a classic X-Men issue is ranked among the biggest movers and shakers. Thanks to Evan Peter’s cameo at the end of Episode Five, the X-Men theories have ruled the internet. That helps put a large collecting target on those 1960s X-issues.

As far as a single comic, there is not much special about X-Men #2. Certainly, it contained the first appearance of the Vanisher, but a forgettable D-list villain is not exactly a reason to shell out hundreds of dollars for a comic. The more important note is that it is the second appearance of the original team of X-Men, which is great to have, especially if X-Men #1 has gotten too expensive for your tastes.

To give you perspective on why collectors would aim for X-Men #2 over its predecessor, think about this. The lowest grade of X-Men #1 that has sold this year has been the 1.0, and one of those last sold for $3,200. On the other hand, you can invest that same amount into an X-Men #2 and take home at least a graded 8.0.

If you want to save money, keep an eye on the lower grades. A 3.0, for a silver age comic, at least, is not a bad grade to have, and it will cost about $400 or less.

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I don’t know much about the cards market, but you may be able to check out the sold listings for a better idea.


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