Hottest Comics: Rom Rules

by Matt Tuck

060123D-1024x536 Hottest Comics: Rom RulesSpider-Boy may still be ruling the rankings, but Rom: Space Knight made a huge push for dominance in this week’s Hottest Comics.

Don’t forget that these rankings are based on real-time eBay sales figures. Instead of ordering these by changes in fair market value, the Hottest Comics focuses on the actual sales numbers. For this particular blog, we will focus our attention on the 10-day sales volume. 

Given the data is constantly updated, take this as a snapshot at the time of writing. Head over to the Market Overview tab, and you will likely find some differences in the numbering. That is to be expected, so don’t let it throw you off. 

Without further ado, here are your five biggest movers and shakers over the past 10 days.


ROM_1_Facsimile-196x300 Hottest Comics: Rom Rules

Indeed, Spider-Boy’s first cover appearance remained the king of the mountain for another week, but Rom made a go of it. The Spaceknight himself set a blistering pace, leaping from 79th all the way to second overall in a matter of a week and a half. While this issue had seen some movement here and there for the past few years, it was nothing like what we saw this time around. What could be the cause of all the excitement?

Recently, Marvel Comics revealed plans to issue an omnibus and a facsimile edition for the first issue. That has raised awareness for the Spaceknight’s first appearance ahead of the trade paperback’s release, but there could be a larger picture happening here. 

Technically, the rights to the Rom intellectual property belong to Hasbro. At different times, Hasbro has made plans to roll out an entire shared universe of 1980s toy lines-turned-film franchises. That pointed toward Rom getting a chance at movie stardom, which is always good for key issue sales. Having Marvel suddenly issue a Spaceknight collection does raise eyebrows. Could it be that Rom is on the Marvel Studios’ radar? It is a possibility, especially considering that the Go-Bots are part of the MCU thanks to Drax’s dead cousin as we discovered in The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. With the Go-Bots in the MCU, that implies that Hasbro’s piece de resistance, The Transformers, are connected to Marvel’s shared cinematic universe as well. By that logic, Rom could be on his way to the MCU in some fashion, hence the surprise Spaceknight announcement.

What do collectors do when an old character is thrust into the limelight? They go straight to the auction sites for the first appearance. In this case, it has catapulted Rom: Spaceknight #1 to new heights.


ASM-4-Silk-198x300 Hottest Comics: Rom Rules

With Across the Spider-Verse hitting theaters today, it’s no wonder that those Spider-Verse key issues would be getting the push. Although she isn’t slated to appear in the animated film (that we know of, anyway), buyers were tearing up the auction sites on the lookout for Silk’s first appearance in ASM #4. 

The big news from Sony was that Silk would finally get that long-awaited live-action series. Going back years, Sony and Amazon were supposedly working on bringing Cindy Moon to the small screen. Of course, she was featured in the Spider-Man: Homecoming trilogy, though she was relegated to a background character that was hardly noticeable. Then came word that she would star in a series, and ASM #4 took off. Once the talk died down, the prices began to deflate, but the issue retained its popularity. Now that Silk has officially gotten the green light, it is time to hit the accelerator once again. 

Whether or not the same Cindy Moon from the MCU will crossover to Sony’s universe remains to be seen. Since the two universes are already connected via Venom and Morbius, there is that possibility. It makes for an even more fascinating investment opportunity as we wait to see what happens with this show.

15. SPIDER-MAN #7 (+36)

Spider-Man-7-2023-195x300 Hottest Comics: Rom Rules

While the top-secret variant defended its crown for another week, the standard edition was finding its footing in the Hottest Comics. Although Spider-Boy isn’t on the cover, that could actually be a positive development for the standard Spider-Man #7. Since so many buyers are laser-focused on having the top-secret variant, those prices are swelling. Meanwhile, the standard edition is easier to find and getting that coveted 9.8 isn’t as tough on your budget.

Given that basically every Spider-Man that’s ever been on page or screen is somehow part of Across the Spider-Verse, Spider-Boy is too new a character to get his grand cameo. However, he has screen potential, and that is surely driving this collecting wave. Will we see him in live-action or possibly in animated form? There are so many possibilities with the Spider-Verse having so many movies and series between Sony and Marvel Studios. The chances of him arriving in some fashion is quite high, especially if he continues to gain followers.

Ultimately, this wave will crest, and Spider-Man #7 will take a hit in the rankings. That is only natural with the ebbs and flows of the secondary market. However, this one will remain a constant on the Hottest Comics for quite some time.

55. SPIDER-GWEN #1 (+34)

Spider-Gwen-1-198x300 Hottest Comics: Rom Rules

Speaking of Spider-Verse keys, we have an issue on the rise that still has not truly reached its potential: Spider-Gwen #1. This is a character with an infinite amount of potential, be it in the Spider-Verse or the MCU. For that matter, we could see her arrive in both animated and live action in both universes. After all, what else is the Multiverse for if not for multiple versions of the same character?

Judging by the trailers, Spider-Gwen will once again be a central figure in the Into the Spider-Verse sequel. In fact, she appears to have an even larger role this time around. There have been rumors since the original hit theaters that an all-female spinoff film was on the table. Spider-Woman is getting a feature film. Could it be that Spider-Gwen will get her own movie once the Spider-Verse trilogy wraps? That would not be a surprise.

In the live-action realm, we could see her debut in the MCU or the Sony-Verse at any time. With Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man directly referencing her in Spider-Man: No Way Home, that lays the groundwork for the perfect setup to introduce the Gwen Stacy variant to the MCU. Kevin Feige seems to collect A-list actors like we collect comics, so I feel sure that Emma Stone has been on his wish list for quite some time. For that matter, Spider-Gwen could star in her own Sony movie franchise or streaming show, and fans would love the idea. 

Given her likelihood to arrive in virtually every Spider-Man project in development, it’s only a matter of time before she ventures down her own path. That will be the day that all things Spider-Gwen will truly reach their potential.

54. INCREDIBLE HULK #340 (+31)

Hulk340-194x300 Hottest Comics: Rom Rules

Pulling caboose duty this week is a fan-favorite comic: Incredible Hulk #340. One of Todd McFarlane’s most beloved pieces, the cover alone continues to inspire collectors to add high grades to their long boxes. Don’t stop at the cover, though, as the fight itself – complete with magical McFarlane pencil work – is a sight to behold. Bloody and brutal as any Hulk/Wolverine brawl should be, it is quite possibly the more iconic battle between the two heavy hitters.

There’s always interest in those classic Wolverine key issues. Couple that with McFarlane’s absolutely killer artwork, and you have the recipe for a constant presence among the Hottest Comics. These days, there’s more to entice buyers. Besides Hugh Jackman’s return to his most famous role as Wolverine, there is the possibility that gamers will finally get to play through those Hulk versus Logan battles.

Despite it being over a year since the teaser trailer dropped, the Wolverine game is still in development. In that teaser, there was a clear reference to Hulk #181, and that Easter egg has created speculation that Hulk could be part of the game. That is enough to keep an issue like Hulk #340 on the hot seat for some time.

000052721D-1-Footer Hottest Comics: Rom Rules*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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