Hottest Comics: Movers and Shakers for 11/18

by Matt Tuck

111721C-2-300x157 Hottest Comics: Movers and Shakers for 11/18The Eternals owned the month of October, and those keys have remained hot despite the influx of MCU news in recent weeks. Let’s take a moment to see which comics have been the biggest sellers since mid-October. Here’s our look at the last month’s hottest comics!

For the past month, the Marvel and DC news has been a wildfire. Just when we have time to process one development, another five breaking stories spring up. It makes for a busy blogger life, but it is a great time to be a fan and a collector, especially when your investments picking up the pace.

Remember the Hottest Comics index is all about sales. Mind you, that’s not fair market value. Instead, the attention here is on the sales volume and the number of single issues being bought and sold across eBay for the past 30 days. While a comic may be seeing record FMVs, that doesn’t necessarily translate into a high sales volume.

On that note, it’s time to explore the top-five movers and shakers of the past month from our top 100 Hottest Comics list.

8. ETERNALS #2 (+92)clean-10-192x300 Hottest Comics: Movers and Shakers for 11/18

Over the past 30 days, Eternals #2 has lit up the secondary market. Collectors are practically falling over themselves to get their hands on those classic Jack Kirby Eternals comics, and the second issue had a flood of sales since last month. Of course, that is attributed to the hype for the movie, which premiered in the middle of the date parameters. Aside from the film excitement, there is more to this issue than simply being part of the movie lore.

There are two main selling points for this comic. The first is that it featured the debut of Ajak. Portrayed by Salma Hayek in the film, she is one of the central figures of the movie. Although her character appeared to die, the word is that Hayek has signed on for multiple MCU appearances; we should be seeing more of Ajak in due time. 

The other side of Eternals #2 is Arishem the Judge. The Celestials have been a long time coming for comic fans. They were first introduced in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and the cosmic gods were teased and alluded to since then. Eternals gave us our first look at the Celestials, specifically Arishem. The film’s ending is clearly meant to give Arishem a return in a future movie, and he will no doubt have a larger role, and that ups the ante on his first appearance.

The hidden value of this comic could become a future topic of conversation. While it was not part of the movie, the comic saw the Eternals sink Lemuria, the Deviant’s earthly kingdom. In the process, that also sent Atlantis to the ocean floor, which would eventually spawn Namor. 

Although we are not seeing those record-breaking sales from the spring and into the summer, the values spiked over the past month. At the beginning of October, the 9.8 has steadily sold in the $1,600-$1,700 range. If that is more than your budget will allow, I suggest the 9.6. These two grades are virtually identical to the naked eye, and the latter last sold for $200 on November 16.

Eternals-3-198x300 Hottest Comics: Movers and Shakers for 11/187. ETERNALS #3 (+86)

There’s no argument why this issue has been a hot seller since October; it’s the first appearance of Sersi, a character with potential to spare in the coming phases of the MCU. Now that the Eternals’ have made themselves known to the greater cinematic universe, it is a certainty that she will cross paths with other Marvel heroes. Considering her romance with Dane Whitman, it also hints at her involvement with a possible MI:13 movie or series.

Despite the booming sales volume, the fair market values are actually down for Eternals #3. That’s not only for the high grades, but it’s virtually across the board. For the past 12 months, the 9.8 has averaged $773, but the most recent sale was for $535. The 9.2’s FMV has nearly been cut in half, going from a 90-day average of $100 to now selling for $56.

As previously mentioned, the Hottest Comics rankings are not about the FMVs. That is why this issue can rank so high in spite of the falling values. In fact, I would assume the decreasing prices are part of the reason this issue has made such gains this month. With values returning to affordable ranges, it makes for a buyer’s market.

avengers_annual_the_10-195x300 Hottest Comics: Movers and Shakers for 11/1835. AVENGERS ANNUAL #10 (+51)

Will we see a proper Rogue in the MCU? That’s been the rumor for the past year. 

Along with her name being tossed around in X-Men circles, the persistent gossip has been that she will follow her comic origins and debut as a villain in The Marvels. In the comics, Rogue gained her powers of flight and super strength when she stole them from Carol Danvers way back in Avengers Annual #10. After Rogue became a hero and joined the X-Men, she retained Carol’s strength and flight, forever pairing the characters together. It would be logical for Marvel to follow that path on the big screen; nothing has been made official so far. 

Another factor for this comic will be X-Men ‘97. Disney recently announced that X-Men: the Animated Series will be revived on Disney+, and that will have an impact on this comic. Rogue has remained one of the most popular characters from the show, and she will undoubtedly be an integral member of the X-Men when the new cartoon premieres.

Avengers Annual #10 has not broken any records in the past month, but that does not mean there haven’t been eye-catching sales. Since October 30, the 9.8 has moved back into $1,500 territory. Recently, the 9.6 sold for $525, marking the first sale over $500 since August. It’s not only the higher grades seeing an FMV boost. On October 30, a 5.5 sold for a record $100, surpassing last year’s high of $69.

ASM_55_SecondPrint-198x300 Hottest Comics: Movers and Shakers for 11/1841. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #55 SECOND PRINT (+48)

Patrick Gleason’s negative portraits are becoming the stuff of legend in the comic circles. In the age of cover hunting, it’s hard not to fall in love with all the variants for ASM #55. As far as being a key, there isn’t anything significant in the story. That is why the fact that these printings keep returning to the top-100 Hottest Comics is so impressive and a sign of the times. Basically, this issue stays popular almost entirely from Gleason’s beautiful artwork.

Like many other comics on the market, the second print of ASM #55 has not been setting any new FMV records as of late, and that is good for buyers. Graded at a 9.8, the standard cover with the trade dress has consistently remained around $50 for the past year; there is no indication that it will suddenly balloon, either. 

As with all the printings of ASM #55, the virgin editions without the trade dress are the prime targets of collectors everywhere. If you have been searching for one to call your own, now is a good time to buy. After averaging $99 for the past year and selling for as much as $200 in April, the most recent sale was for $53 on November 16. 

ASM-252-newsstand-196x300 Hottest Comics: Movers and Shakers for 11/1827. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #252 NEWSSTAND (+45)

Last week, the direct edition of ASM #252 ranked among the Coldest Comics. While that comic has yet to fully recover from its October slide, the newsstand edition has been performing quite well. 

Venom fans will know this comic as one of the early appearances of the black suit on Earth-616. The symbiote would later evolve into the fan-favorite Venom, which is why ASM #252 is so valuable. Now that everyone’s favorite alien costume is in the MCU, the countdown is on for Venom and Eddie to meet Spider-Man face to face. When that happens, it will give all the symbiote keys a boost, including this particular newsstand copy.

As with most cases, the newsstand ASM #252 generally brings a higher price tag than the direct editions at any grade. This is because the newsstands, especially those in the near-mint range, are much harder to find due to handling issues. Whereas the direct editions were treated with a collector’s loving touch, the newsstands were found in places where most consumers put no more value on a comic than any other magazine on the rack. That is why newsstand copies usually have more damage than direct editions. In this instance, a 9.8 direct ASM #252 last sold for $1,450 earlier this month. On the other hand, a 9.8 newsstand brought $2,050 on November 9. 

Are you surprised by any of the last month’s hottest comics?
Let us know in the comments!

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