Hottest Comics: More Toddfather Goodness

by Matt Tuck

100522C-1024x536 Hottest Comics: More Toddfather GoodnessOnce again, the Toddfather reigned supreme over the Hottest Comics index, but that Deadpool 3 news was sending another issue toward the top.

It’s time again to explore the depths of the 100 best-selling comics across eBay. Here, we rank the single issues, both graded and raw, by the number of copies actually sold. That means that fair market values are not part of the equation, and many times it’s the cheaper comics that get the nod in this particular list.

The data is updated daily, so take this as a snapshot of where buyers were putting their dollars. 

45. BATMAN #423 (+49)

Batman-423-195x300 Hottest Comics: More Toddfather Goodness

Thanks to CGC’s in-house Todd McFarlane signing, not to mention his appearance at this weekend’s New York Comic Con, those Toddfather keys are still dominating the Hottest Comics. Scroll through the entire list, and you’ll see several McFarlane comics scattered through the top 100. Add the much-hyped Spawn movie update, and it adds more fuel to the collecting fire.

Along with the perennial McFarlane favorites like Spawn #1, Amazing Spider-Man #300, and 1990’s Spider-Man #1, his artistry on Batman #423 has remained a popular cover among his fan base. While it doesn’t get quite the hype compared to ASM #300 or Spider-Man #1, the Batman #423 cover is often imitated with many homages on comic shop shelves. The gothic feel of the artwork is a foreshadowing of McFarlane’s seminal work on Spawn.

With the mail-in signing underway, buyers have been scouring the internet for their favorite Toddafther covers worthy of his signature. By the time you finish paying his signing fee along with CGC’s grading fees, you might as well get exactly what you want autographed to make it worth the money and effort of sending it in. Going with Batman #423 is never a bad choice. As great as this cover is, there’s a sadness in wondering what could have been if McFarlane had a full run as writer/artist on a Dark Knight title.

Another good part about buying a Batman #423 is that it’s not terribly expensive, at least not compared to some of his bigger key issues. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll get a 9.8 for less than four figures. In fact, the signing has helped prices swell from the 12-month average of $2,132 to over $3,200 in the last 30 days. The cheaper option without sacrificing too much on the quality is the 9.6, which sits at a 30-day FMV of $648.

59. INCREDIBLE HULK #180 (+39)

Inc-Hulk-180-2-201x300 Hottest Comics: More Toddfather Goodness

Is anyone surprised to see the first appearance of Wolverine clawing its way up the Hottest Comics ladder? The major news that Hugh Jackman will return as Logan for Deadpool 3 has sent shockwaves across the secondary market. No doubt, collectors and investors are itching for those early Wolverine appearances. At the top of that famed mountain, Hulk #181 rests upon its throne of holy grails. With prices befitting a key appearance of such magnitude, buyers have been turning their attention to Hulk #180 for years. Thanks to the latest movie news, there’s even more reason to own Wolverine’s true first appearance.

This issue will forever and always create a divide among comic collectors. CGC notes that Hulk #180 is the cameo appearance, while Hulk #181 is the full appearance. That has driven buyers to the holy grounds of #181 for decades. For a time, it was considered THE first appearance of Wolverine. However, swelling prices have helped change the mindset on the “cameo vs. full” debate. Hulk #181 is so far out of reach for the average collector with even the lowest of grades costing you over $1k. It’s caused many buyers to change their perspectives on Hulk #180 with more collectors declaring that, cameo or not, this is Wolverine’s first appearance, hands down.

That doesn’t mean Hulk #180 will suddenly take #181’s crown. As a potential buyer, that’s not what you want anyway. The holy grail label carries much higher prices. With current values, although not cheap, it makes #180 much more affordable for actual fans and not just investors and speculators. 

All that being said, we can expect the Deadpool 3 news to cause a degree of price inflation. Still, it’s easier on your budget than Hulk #181. Whereas $1k will barely get you a 0.5 #181, you can buy up to a graded 7.0 Hulk #180 based on the latest averages. Values are creeping up, and that same 7.0 sold for $1,300 just this week.

54. SPAWN #8 (+38)

Spawn-8-194x300 Hottest Comics: More Toddfather Goodness

Those Toddfather keys keep rolling through the Hottest Comics. This week, we can add McFarlane’s very own homage to his own work (which kind of feels like patting yourself on the back if you ask me) to the list. 

For Spawn #8, the legendary artist dialed back the clock to his Marvel days. He placed the titular hero in the classic pose from Spider-Man #1. Collectors love that particular look, and it’s one of the most copied pieces of artwork in all of comics. Having McFarlane put his creator-owned character in the same pose is all the incentive some fans need to add this one to their collections.

There’s more to owning this comic than just the cover art. Guest written by the legendary Alan Moore, Spawn #8 features the debut of Violator’s brother, Vindicator. Further, the comic details the makeup of Spawn’s version of Hell, which is integral to the character’s overall story. 

How much can you expect to pay for a graded 9.8, you ask? Despite the uptick in all things McFarlane, this one will only set you back around $70 on average.

26. NOVA #1 (+35)

Nova_Vol_1_1_B-199x300 Hottest Comics: More Toddfather Goodness

With all the excitement surrounding The Multiverse Saga and Deadpool 3, it’s easy to overlook what had been one of the hottest issues in the spring. 

Before Marvel blew the roof off San Diego Comic-Con in the summer, comic fans were buzzing about the potential for a Nova movie. Although the rumors had been swirling for years, Nova was mentioned alongside Thunderbolts and a Shang-Chi sequel as potential franchises in 2021. Then in March, Deadline reported that a Nova script was being written with Disney+’s Moon Knight writer Sabir Pirzada getting the nod. That sent values skyrocketing with a 9.8 selling for as much as $3,000 that same month.

Once SDCC and D23 came and went with nothing new on the Nova front, it left his first appearance out in the cold. It’s helped bring the prices down for Nova #1, which is good news for buyers. Over the past year, the graded 9.8 has averaged $2,276. However, the past month has seen that figure deflate to a more reasonable $1,650. In fact, the most recent sale was for $1,493. 

In the current economic crisis, it’s hard to imagine even a movie announcement sending prices into the $3k range, but climbing back to $2k territory isn’t out of the question.

42. THE OMEGA MEN #3 (+32)

Omega-Men-3-194x300 Hottest Comics: More Toddfather Goodness

Ladies and gentlemen, he’s back. Again. And chances are, he’ll be back for another tour of duty on either the Hottest Comics or Coldest Comics blog in short order. 

Yes, Lobo and his first appearance have once more snuck into the movers and shakers of the Hottest Comics. If you follow the blog regularly, then you know all about the “Usual Suspects.” These are the issues that have the biggest yo-yo effect throughout the list week in and week out. While some of the other usuals were knocking on the door, lucky for me only Omega Men #3 was able to get inside. There’s not much else to say about this comic that I have not said multiple times at this point, but some of it does bear repeating. 

Obviously, the selling point here is Lobo making his comic debut. This is one of the most vastly undervalued keys on the market, in my humble opinion. The graded 9.8 has averaged $287 in the past 30 days. Even better, the 9.6 sits at a current FMV of $106. Those are great prices for a key with so much DCEU potential.

As I have written before, this is a character perfect for the current satirical trend in superhero cinema. Hand Lobo to James Gunn, and magic will happen. Although the character was initially meant as a straightforward villain, he was revamped years later into a bulky, crude, and oftentimes hilarious bounty hunter. Add into the equation that Lobo is ultra violent, and you have the perfect recipe for a Gunn-directed movie. It’s practically fool proof if there is such a thing.

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000052721D-1-Footer Hottest Comics: More Toddfather Goodness*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Based Pelé (@Pele_Comics) October 6, 2022 - 12:37 pm

Hulk 180 IS heating-up nicely. We sold a newly-slabbed, White page, CGC 9.4, with great centering, for $4800 cash this last weekend. Just $400 off our asking price. While smaller keys are getting hammered, people still want bigger keys in high grade.

jack alberti October 6, 2022 - 7:45 pm

Actual fans. LOL!


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