Hottest Comics for 11/4: Warlock & Moon Knight Reign

by Matt Tuck

110421A-1-300x157 Hottest Comics for 11/4: Warlock & Moon Knight ReignThe MCU buzz reigns supreme once again as Fantastic Four #67 and Moon Knight #1 take the top spots in this week’s Hottest Comics.

What exactly are the Hottest Comics? These are the top-selling single issues that have been bought and sold on eBay for the past 30 days. Think of it as a cross-section of where buyers are investing their dollars. It can help you to better understand the market’s ebbs and flows over the last month. 

Which issues have been on the move since the beginning of October? Let’s dive into the hottest comics data for analysis.

FF-67-200x300 Hottest Comics for 11/4: Warlock & Moon Knight Reign8. FANTASTIC FOUR #67 (+61)

Once again, FF #67 stands tall in the 30-day rankings. That should be no surprise since the comic world is still buzzing over the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 casting news. 

The real tell-tale sign of the Warlock announcement is that it is still dominating headlines when there is so much news to take in over the past couple of weeks. There’s been rumors of Thunderbolts and Nova going to the big screen in the next couple of years, and the latest Morbius trailer has sparked plenty of theories with its Easter eggs. Yet, here we are still discussing the coming of Adam Warlock, which speaks volumes for how important this character is to the MCU fandom.

When it comes to Warlock, there are a number of key issues to choose from. In the grand scheme, FF #67 is one piece to the puzzle, and it is often overshadowed by Thor #165. Why is that? Although FF #67 featured the debut of Warlock (known as HIM at that time), he was only seen briefly, and, more importantly, he wasn’t on the cover. Thor #165 remedied that by giving readers their first full introduction to HIM along with a Thor faceoff on the cover art. Because of that, Thor #165 gets the nod as the bigger collectible.

When it comes to the Hottest Comics, this index is based on sales. If we were discussing purely fair market values, then Thor #165 would clearly be the higher ranking of the Warlock/HIM early keys. In this case, the bigger seller for the past 30 days has been FF #67. That can mostly be attributed to the difference in price. Think of it this way: how much can $1k get you based on the latest sale prices? If you are shopping for an FF #67, that would get you about a 7.5-8.0. Take that $1k and invest in a Thor #165, and you will find at best a 6.5, and that is if you can land a good deal. 

moon-knight-1-201x300 Hottest Comics for 11/4: Warlock & Moon Knight Reign15. MOON KNIGHT #1 (+50)

Again, we see that collectors were focusing on Moon Knight keys this month. Why wouldn’t they? Between the new comic series with a hot new antagonist in Hunter’s Moon and the hype surrounding the upcoming Disney+ show, there is so much to love about Marc Specter. It doesn’t hurt that Oscar Isaac is promoting his foray into the MCU sandbox with updates on his training. 

Probably the biggest factor in all the Moon Knight excitement? It has been a long time coming for hardcore fans. For years now, there have been waves of gossip pointing to the character appearing in the MCU. With each passing phase, there was a mixture of both disappointment and an increased buzz. While there were detractors who thought that Moon Knight was too violent and edgy for the MCU, Marc Specter fans refused to give up hope. When the news finally dropped that Moon Knight was getting a live-action show, his fan base erupted in cheers. It signified a victory and reward for their persistence and patience. Once the show gets its first trailer and a firm release date, those fans will be salivating for Moon Knight to grace the small screen.

All that being said, it makes sense that any Moon Knight keys are commanding inflated prices. Anytime a new character is being introduced to the MCU, the values escalate, and that goes double for a name as popular as Moon Knight’s. Like FF #67, 1980’s Moon Knight #1 gets the added sales boost thanks to the high prices of its predecessors. Already in November, the 9.8 has set a new benchmark with a Tuesday sale of $1,350. As high as that may sound, it is a cheaper option than, say, Werewolf By Night #32. For that same price, you could have no better than a 4.0 WBN #32. 

ASM-375-194x300 Hottest Comics for 11/4: Warlock & Moon Knight Reign23. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #375 (+56)

Apparently, buyers are not getting their fill of Venom keys quite yet. It’s been just over a month since Venom: Let There Be Carnage was unleashed on movie audiences, and the buzz has not worn off. Much of that can be attributed to the tantalizing post-credits scene in which Eddie Brock and Venom are shifted into the MCU reality. It sets up an inevitable clash between Venom and Spider-Man; and it also opens the door for other characters to be interconnected with the MCU. One of those happens to be She-Venom herself, Anne Weying, who debuted in ASM #375.

Both in the comics and in the movies, Anne is Eddie’s ex-wife whom he still loves. In the comics, she bonded with the symbiote to form She-Venom just once. The experience and destruction left by the alien costume caused her such psychological damage that she later committed suicide. Sony’s movies take a much more light-hearted approach to the subject matter; it is highly unlikely that Anne will suffer her comic fate. That makes it a probability that she will join Eddie in the MCU at some point;  we may even see her once again bond with either Venom or another symbiote. 

The other first appearance in this issue is a character who took on a slightly larger role in the Donny Cates Venom run, Carl Brock. Carl is Eddie’s abusive father who raised Eddie’s son, Dylan, before readers learned that Eddie is Dylan’s father. Since then, the recurring theme of Carl’s abuse toward both Eddie and Dylan and how it shaped their violent natures has elevated Carl’s importance to the overall Venom mythos. It also makes him a prime candidate to surface in a future movie if Sony wants to explore Eddie’s past more deeply.

Since neither Anne nor Carl are major characters at the moment, this issue is easy to come by. Even for a graded 9.8, these typically sell between $150-$200, although there was a $104 sale as recently as November 2.

Spider-Man-1-Standard-194x300 Hottest Comics for 11/4: Warlock & Moon Knight Reign22. SPIDER-MAN #1 (+55)

There will always be a market for those iconic Todd McFarlane covers. The more the market shifts toward cover collecting, the more popular these will become. One of his most famous creations was Spider-Man #1. The “Todd Father” is the reigning cover king, so when this issue is one of his most popular, that is a bold statement. 

What also helps keep this issue high in the rankings is that it is easy to find. In the early 1990s, Marvel published a tremendous amount of Spider-Man #1s. There were a plethora of variants for the issue, and those were given massive print runs themselves, save for the platinum edition. That is why the prices generally stay low for these, especially for the standard cover, which was the most common.

Despite the volume of copies circulating the auction sites, the graded 9.8 for the standard edition still commands a respectable price. For the past 90 days, it has averaged $117, and the most recent sale from November 2 netted $115.

What do you think about this week’s Hottest Comics list? Do you own any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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