Hottest Comics: ASM #300 Tumbles While Iron Fist Gains

by Matt Tuck

Iron-Fist-4-194x300 Hottest Comics: ASM #300 Tumbles While Iron Fist Gains

This week’s Hottest Comics rankings saw some major shifts in the status quo as ASM #300 was shoved out of the top 20 while Iron Fist trended like a ninja, completely undetected.

The Fantastic Four outshined the competition this week, and it caused a huge turnover in the market. FF issues trended in a way we have not seen since Fox’s first ill-fated FF movie. 

The fallout, though, is that Venom and Carnage’s first appearances took a tumble. Meanwhile, Iron Fist and Darkhawk made gains of their own. Here’s more:

asm-300-196x300 Hottest Comics: ASM #300 Tumbles While Iron Fist Gains23. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #300 (-16)

This is a trend most of us did not see coming. Over the past several weeks, Amazing Spider-Man #300 has been falling down the Hottest Comics ladder.

Up until recently, ASM #300 was the rock in the sales department. If it was not the number one selling comic of the week, it was inside the top five. Last week, it lost its top spot to Spawn #1 and fell to seventh, which was unheard of to that point. This week brought a whole new story as ASM #300, the first appearance of Venom, dropped outside the top 20. 

It is not just Venom feeling the thunder. Carnage’s first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #361 took such a tumble that it was not listed in the top 600 as of the time of this writing. 

What does it all mean? With all the FF news, something had to take a hit, and that ended up being those Stallworth issues of ASM. Next week will truly tell the tale. If neither issue makes a comeback, then fans’ love affair with the symbiotes could be in jeopardy.

darkhawk-1-197x300 Hottest Comics: ASM #300 Tumbles While Iron Fist Gains3. DARKHAWK #1 (+359)

It was not all negative trends this past week. After taking a dive in the last edition of the Hottest Comics, Darkhawk rebounded nicely. His debut comic, Darkhawk #1, gained over 350 positions to put itself back inside the top five for another round. Could it be that fans are still leaning towards him joining the MCU? That may be why this issue remains popular with collectors.


Another character trending this week was Iron Fist. The immortal one has seemingly returned from the brink of fair market death to become much more popular with fans. As I theorized before, this could be related to the numerous rumors that Marvel’s Netflix lineup may be reborn on Disney+. 

While I do not believe that will happen, especially not for the poorly received Iron Fist, it could be doing wonders for a few of his key issues. Marvel Premiere #15 gained 981 spots to be the fifth-biggest mover in the rankings, but some of his other issues got the rub as well.

Iron-Fist-1-196x300 Hottest Comics: ASM #300 Tumbles While Iron Fist Gains379. IRON FIST #1 (+620)

Being ranked outside the top 100 means many collectors will overlook this issue. However, anything that jumps by over 600 spots is worth mentioning. Like Marvel Premiere #15, this is the first sign of life in years from Iron Fist’s first self-titled comic series. As with Venom and Carnage, the real test will be if Iron Fist #1 can keep climbing in another week. 

382. IRON FIST #4 (+617)

Being a Bronze Age X-Men fan, I think anything Chris Claremont touched is worth its weight in gold, particularly comics from the 1970s. There is not much to speak of with this single issue, but it got a boost in sales nonetheless. The fact that a non-key can spike by 617 spots is worth your attention. Where might Iron Fist #4 be next week?

Iron-Fist-5-194x300 Hottest Comics: ASM #300 Tumbles While Iron Fist Gains383. IRON FIST #5 (+616)

Once again, we have a seemingly random issue of Iron Fist, Iron Fist #5. This issue at least has the distinction of a first appearance, though it was for the minor and easily forgettable Scimitar. Still, something must be said for these Iron Fist issues making such large gains in the past week. 


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