Hottest Comics 9/9: A Valiant Effort

by Matt Tuck

090921D-300x158 Hottest Comics 9/9: A Valiant EffortBuyers bucked the system, opting for those Valiant keys over the biggest that Marvel and DC have to offer. Here’s a look at this week’s biggest movers and shakers on the Hottest Comics list!

What are the Hottest Comics? These are the 1,001 single issues with the highest sales volume on eBay for the past week. The rankings give collectors a snapshot into the minds of buyers everywhere, providing a glimpse of what they were adding to their sets. 

The most curious of the list come from the top movers and shakers – the issues that made the most moves over the past week. On that note, let’s put a magnifying glass over five issues that each nearly had gains of 1,000 positions. These are worthy of the name, Hottest Comics.

HArbinger-1-195x300 Hottest Comics 9/9: A Valiant Effort2. HARBINGER #1 (+998)

A few years ago, the talk was that Valiant Comics was looking to establish its very own shared cinematic universe. Although there were other names tossed around, the first character to get a starring role was Bloodshot. While the Vin Diesel action movie was generally well-received by fans, it did not strike enough of a chord with audiences to be a box office success. Blame it on the pandemic or whatever you would like, but that derailed the idea of the VCU. 

One of the core parts of the Valiant-verse was the proposed Harbinger movie. During the short span when that film was in development, collectors snatched up every copy they could find. Then the bottom fell out from under the Harbinger #1 speculative market. Things grew quiet for a time, until this week when it clawed its way to the #2 overall position and established itself as the single hottest comic in the land.

What is helping that effort is the Valiant Comics relaunch of a handful of titles, including Harbinger. Beginning in October, Harbinger will return to store shelves along with Ninjak, X-O Manowar, and Bloodshot. The different series help shine a spotlight on the Valiant titles, which is likely why so many VC books are making noticeable moves on the index.

So far in 2021, it has been huge for Harbinger #1, and the fair market values are as high as they have been in three years. The graded 9.8 reached a record-high $1,500 on September 3. That was one of a dozen sales on that same day, resulting in consistent sales of $1,300 or more. 

Starslayer-2-197x300 Hottest Comics 9/9: A Valiant Effort7. STARSLAYER #2 (+992)

A beloved Disney classic is getting a reboot, and that will send collectors on a scavenger hunt for Starslayer #2. 

The Rocketeer is getting a second chance at life. Anyone under 30 likely doesn’t know what all the fuss is about, but this character holds a dear place in the hearts of Gen-Xers everywhere. The word on the internet is that the franchise will be getting a fresh start as a series on Disney+ with David Oyelowo producing and possibly in the starring title role. 

Created in 1982, the Rocketeer was meant to be a tribute to the superheroes of the 1930s and ‘40s. He was a verifiable Golden Age Iron Man. For a decade, the character remained on the fringes of mainstream comics before Disney brought his adventures to the world of live action. Despite The Rocketeer lacking critical success, the movie captivated the younger crowds. After 20 years on the shelf, he is ready to soar once again and is doing so up the Hottest Comics list.

Since August 30, copies of the graded 9.8 have been setting new records. On that day, one sold for a record-breaking $565 while the following sale netted a cool $500. The momentum carried into September, as another copy reached $450 on the 5th. The most recent sale saw another 9.8 settle on $490 on September 7.

Wolverine-2-195x300 Hottest Comics 9/9: A Valiant Effort8. WOLVERINE LIMITED SERIES #2 (+992)

Anything that is even remotely considered a Wolverine key has gotten a boost in value this year. It comes from the copious amounts of Logan and X-Men rumors that have been circulating the internet since Disney acquired the Fox properties. That has left X-fans ravenous for any news of the mutants’ impending arrival in the MCU. 

Officially, the most that has been said is that the X-Men are still years from making their grand MCU entrance. That has not deterred the rumor mill, and there have been a number of theories and gossip that Wolverine will star in a solo project outside the X-Men. The most prominent of those theories has been that Logan will have an anthology series that would chronicle his life through the Weapon X project. 

There’s also been Hugh Jackman himself fanning the flames. He stirred the pot by posting pictures on social media that hinted at his return to the role. Sadly, the actor made it official that he would not reprise the part, which means even more excitement for any Marvel casting announcement.

The past week has been great for the Wolverine Limited Series, specifically issue #2, which happened to be the first appearance of Logan’s old flame, Yukio. On August 31, a graded 9.8 sold for $595. That was followed by a record-breaking September 4 sale that brought $650. On Tuesday, another 9.8 sold kept up the pace with a $550 sale of its own.

XO-Manowar-4-195x300 Hottest Comics 9/9: A Valiant Effort9. X-O MANOWAR #4 (+990)

Out of all the Valiant properties, this could be one of the best ideas for a movie or series. X-O Manowar is one of the original comics when the company first launched. The idea is that Aric, a Visigoth warrior from the time of the Roman Empire, was connected to an advanced, sentient armor, Shanhara. Aric was transported across the galaxy where he bonded with the symbiotic suit of armor. If that doesn’t sound like a good plot for a film or series, live-action or animated, I don’t know what does.

This particular issue features the first cameo appearance of Jack Bonafice, who would later become the Shadowman. That is the main selling point for X-O #4, and it helps that there have been rumors of a Shadowman movie for years, not to mention the comic relaunch. 

If you have been on the fence about buying this issue, the recent prices should help sway your wallet. Six different copies all sold on September 1, the highest of which was $200. That is nearly $100 from the record high set in 2018. In fact, this year has seen some of the lowest prices for this issue in four years, which makes it an opportune time to get a copy of your very own.

10. SHADOWMAN #8 (+989)Shadowman-8-1-198x300 Hottest Comics 9/9: A Valiant Effort

This was a huge week for Valiant keys. Four out of five of this week’s movers and shakers were under the Valiant banner, and Shadowman #8 rounded out the pack. 

Earlier this year, Valiant relaunched the comic series, which helped put attention back on the character. Remember that movie I mentioned? Donald Glover’s name was attached to a Shadowman feature film at one point, but that talk has quieted significantly as of late. At this point, it is not looking good for Jack Bonafice to star in his own horror movie, but it is fun to dream about.

What makes this issue so appealing to buyers is that it features the debut of the necromancer, Master Darque. Thanks to the Shadowman series relaunch, it has given buyers new reason to seek out these key issues. While there has not been a record-breaking contender for Shadowman #8 hit $180 in 2013. So far this year, the highest sale came on September 3 with a $100 price tag. However, the lowest sale was just $4.

What do you think about this week’s Hottest Comics? Let us know in the comments!

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Scott McFadden September 9, 2021 - 10:28 pm

X-O Manowar #4 was the first comic I got when I restarted my collecting back in the 1990’s. My wife actually bought for me when it first came out at a comic book store in Pearl Harbor, Hi. It’s cool to see it getting some love.

Clark Landry September 10, 2021 - 6:26 pm

Who would have known my old Valiant comics might actually be worth something!


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