Hottest Comics 10/21: Moon Knight and Spider-Miles

by Matt Tuck

102121E-300x157 Hottest Comics 10/21: Moon Knight and Spider-MilesMoon Knight drew the attention of many buyers this week, but Ultimate Fallout #4 regained its momentum, putting it hot on MK #1’s trail. Welcome to the Hottest Comics for the week of October 21.

What are the Hottest Comics? Normally, this would be for the 1,001 best sellers for the past week, but the new GoCollect site allows us to look at a 10-day sales cross-section. As we transition to the updated tracking tools, this week’s rankings are laser-focused on the top 100 best sellers.

On that note, let’s dive into the Hottest Comics data and see which comics made the biggest moves over the past 10 days.

moon-knight-1-201x300 Hottest Comics 10/21: Moon Knight and Spider-Miles32. MOON KNIGHT #1 (+52)

Oscar Isaac continues to fan the flames for the Disney+ Moon Knight streaming show. The actor has been teasing the MCU fandom with talk of his grueling training for the part of Marc Spector/Moon Knight. As filming has officially wrapped for MK’s first season, Isaac again took to social media to tout this being the most challenging role of his career.

With as long as the Moon Knight faithful have wanted a live-action adaptation, Marvel Studios has all the hype it needs. Adding Isaac’s comments to the mix only amplifies the anticipation for what could be Marvel’s most popular streaming series to date. The mystery of the show’s plot and potential villains and cameos only adds to the excitement, which in turn is pushing the Moon Knight keys higher than ever.

Out of all those MK issues to choose from, the opening issue of Moon Knight’s first solo series has the most momentum over the past 10 days, making it the hottest comic on the market. Why would it outrank the character’s other early appearances, like his debut in Werewolf By Night #32? It likely comes down to price and availability. MK #1 is a much cheaper option than WBN #32. For collectors on a budget, this is a suitable alternative.

Despite bringing over $1k during the summer, most sales of 9.8s have remained in the $800-$900 range. Lower the grade to a 9.6, and the price tags become much more cost-effective. The last sale for a copy of that grade brought $273 this month.

uf4-196x300 Hottest Comics 10/21: Moon Knight and Spider-Miles13. ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4 (+51)

UF #4 is quickly on its way to becoming a modern holy grail. For that matter, many collectors already give it that prestigious moniker. As hot as this comic has been for the past year, the stage is set for Miles Morales’ first appearance to go much further in the not-too-distant future.

The biggest factor is the MCU, and Spider-Man: No Way Home leaves a clear path for Marvel Studios to introduce Miles to its cinematic universe. Miles was alluded to in Homecoming, so he is technically in the MCU. The big moment will be his live-action reveal, and there have been rumors that the part has been cast. There also are unconfirmed reports and fan theories that the Miles actor has been on the NWH set, and that he will appear in the movie. If that comes to pass, then this comic’s fair market values will absolutely explode.

Miles Morales’ future is so bright that it extends beyond the MCU. In the comics, the word is that Ben Reilly will take over for Peter Parker as Spider-Man. Readers from the 1990s will recall that Peter’s clone, Ben, took up the mantle for a brief period, so why would Marvel try this again? It could be a transition to give Miles the call up to the major leagues and be the one and only Spider-Man of the Marvel Universe.

With so much potential for Miles in both the comics and movies, it is no wonder this issue would be climbing the hottest comics ranks. What may surprise some buyers is this could be an opportune time to invest in a UF #4. Granted, prices are still high, especially for the upper grades. The 9.8 still consistently sells for $2,500-$3k on nearly a daily basis. Consider this: from the spring and into the summer, that same 9.8 was approaching the $4k mark. Looking for a better deal? Considering downgrading ever so slightly to a 9.4. This is a grade that will present well inside a slab, and the last sale was for $640.

ASM-363-194x300 Hottest Comics 10/21: Moon Knight and Spider-Miles17. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #363 (+42)

There’s no denying the impact that Venom: Let There Be Carnage has had on the secondary market. ASM #361 has the distinction of being the #1 best-selling comic over the past 10 days, ranking above even Venom’s debut in ASM #300. The momentum trickles down to all the Carnage keys as we also see the second print of ASM #361 cracking the top-100 Hottest Comics. This week, that movie hype has helped the third appearance of Carnage in ASM #363 move inside the top 20.

By this point, word has spread far and wide about the mid-credits scene from LTBC. For symbiote fans, this has been a long time coming as the bonus scene officially inducted Venom into the MCU. While Carnage may have been defeated in LTBC, it helps to keep the symbiotes fresh in the public spotlight, which is helping to fuel market values.

The other factor is Sony’s upcoming PS5 game, Spider-Man 2. The crowd-pleasing moment from the trailer revealed Venom will be part of the game. If we are going to see Venom, that would suggest that Carnage could be part of either Spider-Man 2 or a future game. It all adds up to a hot market for the original red symbiote’s key issues.

Over the past three months, the graded 9.8 has averaged $127, which is impressive considering the 2020 FMV was $73. The last time a 9.8 sold online, it brought $103 on October 18.

ASM2018055_Preview-1-198x300 Hottest Comics 10/21: Moon Knight and Spider-Miles71. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #55 (+27)

In the modern age of cover hunting, Patrick Gleason’s ASM #55 stands above the pack. Since the moment it was released, collectors have flocked to the charming “negative” artwork. It became so popular that ASM #55 warranted three total printings, each with a “virgin” variant, meaning it does not have the trade dress. The legend for the negatives continues to grow. Gleason has expanded the roster to include negatives of Venom, Carnage, and Man-Thing. There are also t-shirts to commemorate this particular cover. It is all a testament to how much collectors have loved these covers, and it all started with this issue.

Prices may not be astronomical for the first print, but ASM #55 still commands respectable values. The standard cover graded at a 9.8 recently sold for $90. Meanwhile, the virgin Gleason variant at the same grade last sold for $275 on October 18. 

X-Men-94-197x300 Hottest Comics 10/21: Moon Knight and Spider-Miles19. X-MEN #94 (+25)

Rounding out the top-five movers and shakers this week is a true classic among X-Men comics, X-Men #94. This issue marked the beginning of Chris Claremont’s epic run across the X-Men titles. His legacy and influence resonate to this day, and all X-writers to follow will inevitably be compared to him. Why wouldn’t that be the case? Following the success of Giant-Size X-Men #1, Claremont took the team to the pinnacle of Marvel Comics within his nearly two decades scripting the franchise. 

What makes that even more impressive is that the X-Men title was on the chopping block for years before GSX #1 and X-Men #94. In fact, the comic sold so poorly that Marvel didn’t print an original X-Men story for years prior to 1974. Then came the lineup changes, specifically the addition of Wolverine, and suddenly the mutants were the talk of Marvel. Nearly five decades later, as we await the X-Men’s arrival in the MCU, here we are still talking about that famed Claremont run.

As popular as this key issue remains, sales have not been breaking records as of late, and that is welcome news for buyers. On October 17, a 9.0 sold for $3,259. While that is not a small price tag by any means, it is well below the record $4,500 set in April. 

For X-fans looking for something more gentle on their wallets, consider the lower grades. Earlier this week, a 3.0 brought $335.

What do you think about the Hottest Comics’ biggest movers of the last 10 days? Let us know in the comments!

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