Hottest Bronze Age Comics on the Move: An Intro

by Joseph Overaitis

031622C-1024x536 Hottest Bronze Age Comics on the Move: An IntroI wanted to introduce a new biweekly feature here at GoCollect.  I will be writing on Bronze Age Comics that are moving on our sales charts.  Each column will feature five books that are highly volatile in the market. What will make this column different is part of the GoCollect approach.

1.  Freshness of the Data

I want to give you a peek behind the curtain at GoCollect.  The editorial team is very professional in their work.  Journalists for the site are expected to research their data and this column will follow that standard.  What is different for me is this column will attempt to do something very bold.  I will attempt to publish these articles with very small lead times so that the information provided is timely.  This will allow the reader to get timely reports of what is happening that week so that behaviors can be altered that reflect the data. Screenshot-2022-03-17-092118-263x300 Hottest Bronze Age Comics on the Move: An Intro

2. In-Depth Coverage

A quick review may see a book that has jumped 25 spots in the sales data.  Many people who see that graphic will jump on this book.  That may be the wrong approach.  Maybe the sales are resulting from people dumping books because of bad advice from another site.  Another reason for the increase could be that only certain grades are moving.  I will go beyond the numbers to try to give you a picture of what is actually happening with these books.

3. CGC President Matt Nelson’s Wisdom

Even after my last article, there was a lot of information that I could not cover.  This column will allow me to continue to provide bits of wisdom from that interview by analyzing the data with what Matt Nelson said in that interview.

I recently used that wisdom and found myself pleased with the results.  I have spent decades in this hobby and yet some of his wisdom has changed my habits for the better.  Matt provided me a lot of tools for collecting and I believe it is my job to share those advantages with our readers by reviewing these books.

4. Future Pick Books

A book that is one of the hottest books out there may not warrant purchasing at that time. Instead, patterns emerge in the sales data to reveal some books that people may want to keep their eyes on.  It is always better to be one day too early rather than one day too late. The GoCollect sales data reveals buyer and seller patterns that sometimes allow us to extrapolate books that are emerging. maxresdefault-10-300x169 Hottest Bronze Age Comics on the Move: An Intro

These are books that you want to look at because Bronze Age comics have a unique history of characters and stories that still remains within the reach of many collectors and investors.

Ignored books starting to generate buzz are good to know and yet so many do not see the data because of the constraints on their time. I will try to provide some books for you to look at more closely to determine if they may be right for you.

5.  Dropping Books to Target

A book that is dropping in popularity may be the one to buy.  Every column will have one book that is dropping in sales volumes but still warrants your attention.  These books often are opportunities and yet because they are deemed “cold” many people avoid them.   Opportunities may exist where others only see problems.  Sometimes it is more important in the timing of buying or selling a book than the book itself.  I have seen collectors sell one of their books only to buy it later at a savings that allowed them to add other books.  These are the books you want to add when the time is right. poster_6031021268001_3120b4357316c8af3379446fea2ddd4e-300x169 Hottest Bronze Age Comics on the Move: An Intro

GoCollect is Raising the Bar!!!

My editor is a royal pain!  She demands we do a great job and then surpass it with the next article.  This column is a way to constantly stay fresh and to report on an age of comics that is one of the most important sectors of the market.

I love Golden, Silver, and Copper Age comics, but the Bronze Age is where the meat is left still on the bone.  These books are still affordable and yet they are also iconic in comic book history.

Years ago, someone told me the same thing when discussing the Silver Age and I wish I could have gone back and purchased runs of early Spider-Man and Batman books when they were affordable. This column will cover the Bronze Age in-depth and give you a chance to get some of these books before others catch on. Look at the MCU and DCEU.  Mining from the Bronze Age is a good source of profits.

Future Projects

GoCollect will make this column a regular part of their lineup, so look for it.  In addition, my grading experiment will continue with future installments. There is so much more to come so keep following these articles and get ready to learn so much more on the collectibles market.

Have you upgraded your collecting game yet?

000080221A_Posters-Footer Hottest Bronze Age Comics on the Move: An Intro*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not reflect investment advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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adamdchace March 18, 2022 - 12:30 pm

My editor is **A*** royal pain! …. Kinda funny / ironic. Love the content though!

Sarah Lee March 18, 2022 - 1:51 pm

Ooops, now that’s embarrassing! Thanks! 😂

Joseph Overaitis March 18, 2022 - 3:04 pm


There is a love/hate thing going there. I love to hate my editor LOL. Seriously though, they are always asking us for more but in a good way. I could write that a book is hot and jumping in the charts, but the team believes you deserve more. What if a books is moving but selling at a a 10-20% discount? Is that a hot book or has the hotness been manufactured because of a price adjustment. You deserve better…
Now I hope my editor reads the nice response I posted here and lets me have an extra slice of bread and water in my dungeon. Maybe even a candle…ah but to dream LOL


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