Ho Ho Ho! My Favorite Golden Age Christmas Comics!

by Lauren Sisselman

122122B-1024x536 Ho Ho Ho! My Favorite Golden Age Christmas Comics!The holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year. I’m a sucker for decorations, and an even bigger sucker for ugly Christmas sweaters, holiday cookies, and then some! Comic books have been celebrating this time of year since the Platinum Age, but one era in particular really embraced the holiday spirit — the Golden Age. While there are hundreds of holiday-themed Golden Age covers, I’ve picked a few of my personal favorites. These would look great in any collection, and range in cost, perfect for all types of collectors!

Comic Cavalcade #13

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This cover is arguably one of my favorites from the Golden Age. While it’s supposed to be cheery and fun, it’s also unsettling. Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern are all looking out the window, yet only Wonder Woman is looking at the small bird. The Flash is looking at what we can assume to be Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern doesn’t have pupils. Personally, I find the Golden Age Green Lantern to be unnerving — especially on this cover.

This book has been popular for as long as I’ve been seriously collecting and is usually one of the more expensive holiday books. A one-year average for a blue label CGC 9.6 is $10,200, while the one-year average for a blue label CGC 1.0 is $180.

Prize Comics #9

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Prize Comics from Crestwood Publications/Feature Publications should be on every collector’s list — after all, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby worked on the title! This comic also featured one of the first ongoing horror titles — Frankenstein by Dick Briefer. This issue features a jolly Santa front and center, with a number of Prize Comics in the background.

Santa’s head against the green background is clever, but his floating head is a little offputting. Currently, the only sales data for this issue is for a blue-label CGC 9.4, which has a one-year average of $1,800.

Superman’s Christmas Adventure #1

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In 1940 DC published Superman’s Christmas Adventure, written by Jerry Siegel. This was the first time a Superman comic where retailers — most notably Macy’s — could stamp their business logo into the white box. We still see this today with modern comics, tho the box tends to be smaller. This was a big year for Superman, as a Superman balloon made its debut in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1940.

This book goes for more than you might expect. While graded copies of this book haven’t been sold in a while, a blue label CGC 9.2 last sold for $13,145 in November 2017. By comparison, a blue label CGC .5 sold for $400 in February 2021.

Archie Comics #6

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While Archie’s Christmas Stocking may be one of the more well-known Christmas titles, Archie Comics #6 should be celebrated just as much. Archie is front and center, as it alludes that he fell down the chimney in a Santa suit — possibly in an attempt to impress Betty and Veronica. The cover also features Souphead, Jughead’s nephew. This is a classic Archie cover, but finding a copy might be a bit of a challenge.

Currently, the highest recorded sale was for a blue label CGC 6.5, which sold for $3,585 in February 2018. The most recent sale was for a blue label CGC  1.0, which currently has a one-year average of $226.

000080221A_Games_2-Footer Ho Ho Ho! My Favorite Golden Age Christmas Comics!

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