Historic Concert Posters up for Auction with Psychedelic Art Exchange

by Andrea Williams

Auction-Header-300x92 Historic Concert Posters up for Auction with Psychedelic Art ExchangeThe largest and rarest concert poster collection has been unearthed and is making waves! The Ultrasounds Collection, 35 years in the making, is changing the niche market of concert poster collecting. With the help of CGC and Psychedelic Art Exchange, 23 of the rarest and finest quality posters to come out of the Pacific Northwest are up for auction today. But that’s just a small portion of this insanely large collection!

The 23 posters in this initial auction lot were all created by legendary artist Mike King, and have been independently certified and authenticated by CGC. The Ultrasounds Collection is writing the history of concert posters, and CGC is on the ground floor of the authentication process.

You can own a piece of this extraordinary collection. Included in this initial group of 23 posters are Nirvana, Sun Ra, Sonic Youth, and much more! View the auction collection at PAE.

GoCollect will be launching the first-ever concert poster price guide in the coming months.

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