Highly Anticipated Graphic Novel THE CHAIR

by Jeff

A message from Alterna Comics President and Publisher, Peter Simeti

I’m very happy to say that the graphic novel I’ve created and written (and inked, colored, and lettered) is FINALLY coming to a store shelf near you! After a year and a half, the book is making it’s debut in June Previews.

THE CHAIR is a psychological thriller that takes place on death row. Richard Sullivan has spent the past 10 years on death-row, awaiting execution for crimes he claims he never committed. But lately strange events have started occurring in the prison, including a piling body count of inmates, a viciously sadistic warden, and enough twists and turns to make Sullivan question his own sanity. Can he prove his innocence before it’s too late – or is there entirely something else going on?

Written by myself and penciled by new artist Kevin Christensen, THE CHAIR is recommended for mature readers (language and some gore/violence) and clocks in at 136 B&W pages for a cover price of $13.95.

ISBN: 9780979787423
Diamond Order Code: JUN08 3610

JUN083610F Highly Anticipated Graphic Novel THE CHAIR
Chair GN

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