Hey Mr. October, What do you think of these Comic Book Calls

by Joseph Overaitis

224561_47a53ce9025e715c8650633725f58fa3a032f959-1-215x300 Hey Mr. October, What do you think of these  Comic Book CallsMany are not aware of this but GoCollect has a YouTube channel that is an additional resource to our readers. On that channel, bloggers of this site have their very own critics.  Well, here is me throwing down my gauntlet, Mr. October!  Here are three of my pitches. Let’s see how the readers and Mr. October call them!

British Pence to American Dollars

128406_5b4943328dda49c0796af8fd11f8689ebf608d92-224x300 Hey Mr. October, What do you think of these  Comic Book CallsA possible Easter Egg in Avengers: Endgame was Peggy Carter mentioning a Braddock (relative?) who has not checked in for a while.  This brief mention alone should interest speculators who sift through every Marvel film to find possible gold nuggets to invest.  In comic book stories, Captain Britain is also a protector of the multiverse. Another tie with the future MCU that should intrigue speculators.

Got your attention yet?  How about looking at the fact that Captain Britain #1 is a 44-year-old comic book with a toy enclosed printed on newspaper stock and has less than 500 total copies in the CGC census.  Locating a great copy is a difficult pursuit yet you should also realize that this book was not printed in the United States making finding it even more challenging.  This book is not that expensive and with room to grow, you might want to get in on this one fast.

Think of this as a fastball that you have to make a quick decision to hit it out of the park.  It has great potential even if not an MCU film, but you may want to get in on it before others find it in their strike zone. Wait too long and you will miss your chance and strikeout.

A Troubled Character Investors Should Figure Out

A character powerful enough to lift a Celestial and yet his greatest enemy is his own mind.  173711_b4c4eb554087bdd463f2bcbeb07947d0dbedaabc-3-198x300 Hey Mr. October, What do you think of these  Comic Book CallsMarvel has long had characters where their true enemy was their own flaws.  His powers make him the envy of most in the Marvel Universe but we as readers know so little of the extent of those powers and their origins. Attributes like this make him primed for the MCU. Again the MCU should not be your only reason to buy this book because Sentry’s unique character traits make him a very valuable character in the Marvel Comic Book Universe as well.

The reason that Sentry #1 intrigues me lies in the study of the numbers.  This book is modestly priced when compared to other Modern Age books.  Sentry #1 also has a small census number for graded books. When this book came out it was not on the hotlists, and that still continues today.  I had to scroll multiple pages at the time I wrote this article to find it in the GoCollect data.

Many investors went big on other Modern Age books and are now missing out.   This is a  change-up to other books getting all the attention. The smart investor has held back and waits to hit this book out of the park.  If you see it at a good price, I’d recommend you buy it. Then be prepared to hold on until the time is right and then hit it quickly out of the park.

Bought for the Wrong Reasons but Still the Right Book

120800_7ff87ff14f9e09047c1653cd8aefea295771c99c-1-204x300 Hey Mr. October, What do you think of these  Comic Book CallsThe MCU rumor mill has not stopped running even when other businesses have had to shut down.  Post after post speculating on who the next great Marvel big bad.  Speculators had their eyes on Fantastic Four King-Size Special #6 (look for it under Fantastic Four Annuals #6 on GoCollect) and the first appearance of Annihulus.

Annihilus is capable of being used in the MCU in multiple environments.  His introduction was first as an enemy of the Fantastic Four, so he could appear in their first movie as a villain.  He is capable of appearing as an antagonist for Antman and the Wasp in a microverse. Or, he could be retooled as a space villain against the Guardians of the Galaxy.  He has appeared in many storylines against many Marvel characters, thus making him the perfect villain. Speculators still drool at this book and prices have soared as a result. He is a player in comics and possibly movies.

I believe that this book should be hot for another reason that is being ignored by many.   That reason should have been the first appearance of Franklin Richards. As a kid, he gains his powerful mutant abilities because of the exposure his parents received. With the power to warp reality, he has the potential to reshape the MCU if ever introduced in a movie. He is also valuable in comics with many variations of the character existing to be utilized in stories.

Franklin Richards makes this book look like a slider in baseball.  It may look like a fastball as everyone jumped in on the Annihulus rumors and bought this book because it had a Lee/Kirby first appearance character. If this book starts to drop and speculators get out because of lost profits, then that may be the time to buy it for  Franklin Richard’s first appearance.  Look for prices to dip and when the time is right buy it to realize smaller profits.

The home run value has gone for all but the long term investors but that does not mean this book does not have profit potential if speculators begin to sell.  A small profit like a single or doubles is still a good thing in baseball and investing. Who knows but if you get an Annihulus AND Franklin dual appearance in the MCU you will really see the profits cross the plate.


Well, Mr. October and the Rest of You Umpires…

After reading this what is your call Mr. October?  Do you see these pitches as strikes that hit the target as described?  Do you see them as misses and balls that should be left alone?  Give me your thoughts because just as in baseball, what looks like a strike to the pitcher may be a ball to the hitter and umpire.  In the end, we may have to check the GoCollect instant replay in the future to see who was ultimately right.


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