Hero Squared Love And Death REVIEW

by Jeff

Chuck’s Critiques by Charles LePage

apr090745f Hero Squared Love And Death REVIEWHero Squared TP Vol 3 Love And Death
BOOM! Studios
Giffen, DeMatteis, Watson

Let me be perfectly clear: I can write a review without a teleprompter. Also, I’m not a big J.M. DeMatteis fan. He lost me many years ago while I was trying to read Moonshadow and a vampire graphic novel he wrote. Keith Giffen: I have no beef with him. And I’ve never heard of Nathan Watson. However, I’m glad I was given the opportunity to read “Love And Death.” It’s derivative, not only of Superman, but of the “realistic” comic books such as Marvels and Astro City. But, it puts a funny and touching spin on that theme, and in the end comes up with something original.

chucks_critiques_small Hero Squared Love And Death REVIEWI’ve not read any previous issues or collections of “Hero Squared,” but here’s what I gleaned from this chapter. Captain Valor and Caliginous come from an alternate comic book like universe. They have counterparts on the “real” Earth, Milo and Stephie. Even more twisted, Valor and Caliginous are on “our” Earth because their universe is gone, Milo is dating Caliginous and Valor is dating Stephie. So, while there is plenty of comic book drama and suspense, there’s also a good tale of the four main characters coming to terms with their roles and relationships.

The writing is outstanding; if this isn’t as good as the Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League, I don’t know what is. Nathan Watson’s art is outstanding. I can’t think of anyone else who would have done a better job on this kind of project. He is able to go from ludicrous and “cartoony” to serious and somber and make it look effortless.

While I could understand why this would be the last chapter of Hero Squared, I hope they make more. Though, I guess I could buy the books that came before this one, right? Right!

I give Hero Squared: Love And Death 4 out of 5 geek goggles, if I can presume to issue such prestigious awards.

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