Hero Initiative’s Wolverine: Weapon X 100 Project Completed

by Jeff

HeroLogo_Full Hero Initiative's Wolverine: Weapon X 100 Project CompletedMedia Release — At long last, the Wolverine: Weapon X 100 Project is complete!

Marvel Comics graciously printed off Hero Initiative-exclusive blank-cover copies of the recent Wolverine: Weapon X #1, and Hero got 100 artists to do an original Wolverine cover on each! The result is a star-studded Adamantium fest the likes of which has never been seen before! Fan favorites and comic book legends such as Neal Adams, J. Scott Campbell, David Finch, Arthur Adams, Tim Sale and many more provided beautiful covers for Hero Initiative’s terrific cause. And now, these original covers can be yours.

Starting today, 12 covers will be auctioned off via eBay.com. You can bid on these magnificent, mutant-filled covers at http://qurls.com?i=48020 . Each week, twelve more will be released for sale, so keep an eye on the prize and don’t miss out on owning a great piece of collectable art. And if you are a lucky winner, you will have the option to have your book graded in CGC’s Signature Series FOR FREE.

“We were very happy to be a part of the Hero Initiative’s Ultimate Spider-Man 100 Project and Hulk 100 Project, and jumped at the chance to do it again.” said Paul Litch, CGC Vice President, “It’s great art done by great artists for a great cause. CGC is honored to be a part of this project and pleased to donate our services. We can’t wait to see them all!”

Links to galleries of all the great covers can be seen at:

http://www.heroinitiative.org/NewsDetail.asp?NewsId=190 And even if you’re not a high bidder, don’t fret! All the covers will be collected in a rollickin’ Hero Initiative benefit book in stores on December 2. Watch further announcements about that release.

As always, for more on Hero and its charitable mission to help comic creators in medical or financial need. For more information check us out at HeroInitiative.org.

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