Hero By Night On Hold

by Jeff

DJ Coffman has announced he is putting HERO BY NIGHT on hiatus for now.

Bad New/ Good News– First the bad….. It makes me very sad and depressed to report this news, but I want to be as transparent with the fans and supporters of Hero By Night as possible here. The ongoing print series has been suspended BY ME due to financial issues at our publisher. I couldn’t keep this on my schedule, because frankly it’s gotten to the point where I need to make hard decisions to be sure my time is spent on projects that pay me on time and have some security to them. Up until this point, Platinum has been rock solid and something I could bank on contractually and I enjoyed that security. While the plan had always been to stay on schedule through Issue 7 (a Christmas issue), and the book hadn’t been officially canceled by Platinum Studios, I couldn’t in good faith keep going when behind the scenes I knew that there would be books solicited that would not be coming out on time– our issue 4 wouldn’t be coming out because Jason had to make the hard decision to stop coloring Hero By Night for the same reasons, so my book was sitting uncolored and i knew we’d be missing the print deadline dates.

sep072037d Hero By Night On Hold
Hero By Night Vol. 1 HC
APR084065F Hero By Night On Hold
Hero By Night Ongoing #4
JUN084165F Hero By Night On Hold
Hero By Night Ongoing #5

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