Hero Begins Five Spectacular Ebay Auctions Today For SDCC2008

by Jeff

LOS ANGELES (July 16, 2006) – The Hero Initiative announces five fantastic Ebay Auctions with Stan Lee, Joe Quesada, David Bullock, Dawyn Cooke and Cameron Stewart, major Marvel and DC talent and CGC’s Steve Borock at this year’s San Diego Comic Con International!


This auction is for the ultimate opportunity to hang with Stan Lee on a private yacht. Five winners will receive • Photo and face time with Stan aboard a private yacht anchored in the beautiful San Diego Marina right behind the convention center. • Two autographs from Stan on your own personal items, which you must bring. A CGC witness will be on hand if you choose to get comic books signed by Stan Lee and then certified by CGC with the prestigious Signature Series label. • ComicBookResources.com will be on hand to document the event, and will run an article on the affair complete with pictures of the winners!

WHEN: Friday, July 25 at 6 pm

WHO: It’s Stan Lee, ‘nuff said.

EBAY LINK: http://qurls.com?i=37404


You are bidding on the ultimate opportunity to hang with Marvel Comics Editor in Chief Joe Quesada and enjoy fine dining at Morton’s in San Diego during the San Diego Comic-Con! Think of it like one of Joe’s famous “Cup o’ Joe” panels…but with a medium-rare ribeye! Six winners will receive • Food! Drinks! Even those little after-dinner mints and toothpicks! Also, a nice sit-down with a real bigwig in the comics biz in a classy setting. • A copy of the Marvel Then and Now DVD signed by Joe Quesada, AND STAN LEE AS WELL! This is a social opportunity and no autographs will be allowed.

WHEN: Thursday, July 24 at 8 pm

WHO: Joe Quesada, need we say more?

EBAY LINK: http://qurls.com?i=37402


This auction includes breakfast and an original Batman sketch from one of the three artists (randomly selected) plus a chance to get an additional “jam” piece by all three modern masters for three lucky winners! The artists will arrive with three sealed envelopes, each containing a 7-by-10 inch Batman sketch, one by each artist. Each winner will get a random envelope, and the art is theirs to keep! Bullock, Cooke and Stewart will also bring an additional “jam” 7-by-10 drawing of DC’s “Trinity,” Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, and THAT piece will go to whichever of the three winners will donate the most additional money to The Hero Initiative. If you win this breakfast auction, it’s also your buy-in to a special, private, three-man auction!

WHEN: Friday, 25 JUL at 9:00 AM

WHO: David Bullock is a world-famous animation director, cover artist for Action Comics, and director of Justice League: The New Frontier. Darwyn Cooke is the award-winning writer and artist of DC: The New Frontier, The Spirit, Batman: Ego, and more. Cameron Stewart is the visionary artist of Catwoman, Seaguy, The Other Side, and many, many more top books!
EBAY LINK: http://qurls.com?i=37403


Win the ultimate behind-the-scenes experience – a grading and restoration detection class “basics 101” and lunch with former CGC President and Primary Grader Steve Borock. Learn what a lifetime of experience in our hobby as collectors and sellers, grading for Sotheby’s and Christies auction houses, spending eight years at CGC, and having graded over one million comic books has taught Steve Borock! Not only that, but after your hour-long class you will enjoy a free lunch with Steve

WHEN: Saturday, July 26 at approximately time 12 noon

WHO: Former CGC President and Primary Grader Steve Borock

EBAY LINK: http://qurls.com?i=37405


This is a once-in-a-lifetime fantasy sports (and fantasy comics!) opportunity: a chance to play either on the Marvel Comics softball team or the DC Comics softball game in their annual game! The winner of each team’s auction will get an official Marvel or DC uniform, receive luxury motorcoach transportation to and from the game on the team bus roster and get their position assigned by either Marvel captain Mike Pascuillo or DC captain Adam Schlagman.

WHEN: Thursday, July 24, buses leave at 3:30 pm, game begins at 4:30 pm

EBAY LINK: Marvel auction: http://qurls.com?i=37399

EBAY LINK: DC Comics auction: http://qurls.com?i=37401

Auction notes:

• You must be present and on-site to participate.

• No convention admission is included. If you attend the San Diego Comic-Con, you are responsible for your own admission.

• This auction is non-transferable and is for the winners only. Any attempts at resale or transfer by winners will be immediately voided, and no refunds given.

• No additional guests are allowed. Your winning bid allows ONE admission only.

These auctions are benefits for The Hero Initiative, the first-ever federally chartered not-for-profit corporation dedicated strictly to helping comic book creators in need. Hero creates a financial safety net for yesterdays’ creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work. It’s a chance for all of us to give back something to the people who have given us so much enjoyment. For more information, call 310-909-7809 or visit www.HeroInitiative.org.

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