Heritage’s U.S Characters in Foreign Comics November 10 Auction

by Lauren Sisselman

110722C-1024x536 Heritage's U.S Characters in Foreign Comics November 10 AuctionOn November 10, Heritage is holding a ‘foreign comics with U.S characters’-focused auction, and these books are incredible. With a majority of these books being from the Golden Age, I would absolutely welcome them all into my collection. Each one is beautiful and different than what we had stateside, and gives us a glimpse into what pop culture was like for other countries back then.

Growing up, I was a huge manga and anime fan. Comics from Japan drew me in, but then I found something unique. Batman manga. From there, I dove head-first into the deep end of the foreign comics pool. German Superman comics, French Archie comics, the world was truly my oyster with these comics. Finding these books was a challenge, but it wasn’t impossible. Many featured different covers than what I could find in the States, and sometimes the books were counterfeit (here’s looking at you, Golden Age Australian Archie comics).

Correio Universal#216A (The Phantom, Brazilian edition)

Screenshot-2022-11-04-121041-300x209 Heritage's U.S Characters in Foreign Comics November 10 Auction

If you aren’t aware, The Phantom is a ghost who walks and is prone to wearing purple. This 1937 Brazilian translation decided to give the Phantom a new look — a red cowl, gloves, and trunks — and is otherwise missing the rest of his outfit. I personally love everything about this. With a classic Platinum Age comic format, this is a unique piece for Phantom fans or Golden Age collectors. This story is a translation of the story The Singh Brotherhood, the criminal organization that the Phantom routinely fights.

Finding similar books is next to impossible. Other Platinum Age American books can sell anywhere from $14 – $500, so it’s anyone’s guess where this item will land.

Jules Verne Veckans Aventyr V4#50 (Superman, Swedish Edition)

Screenshot-2022-11-04-121254-188x300 Heritage's U.S Characters in Foreign Comics November 10 Auction

There’s so much to talk about here. Per Google, Veckans Aventyre translates to “Adventure of the Week” — so if anyone out there can read Swedish and can confirm, that would be cool. But famed French author Jules Verne is also in the title, so it is possible this presumably weekly comic also featured a Jules Verne story. The book invites readers to read about Superman every week in bold blue text,

Even more interesting is how Superman is portrayed. His tights are gone, and our Man of Steel is fighting crime with exposed legs. His costume differences aside, this is a striking cover. Featuring a stoic Superman, this cover looks like it was painted. With a CGC blue label grade of 7.5 with cream to off-white pages, this would be a wonderful addition to a Superman collection! While finding price points for similar books is hard, I wouldn’t be surprised if this book went for over $200.

Gil Albi Dell’Audacia #29 (Superman, Italian edition)

Screenshot-2022-11-04-121527-300x210 Heritage's U.S Characters in Foreign Comics November 10 Auction

According to Google, the title translates to The Books of Audacity, and given that Superman is a character who’s willing to take bold risks, this title is fitting. This comic is also formatted differently than the standard Western comic format — but even more so, this features a unique-looking Superman. Rocking a beautiful baby blue costume, white boots, and a sunburnt face, Superman is flying across the sky with a damsel in distress in his arms. Cover artist Zenebio Baggioli truly took artistic license with his rendition of Superman.

With a CGC blue label of 5.5 with white pages, this book presents well. As with most foreign comics, it’s hard to find price points on them, but I think this book will go for more than $200.

El Capitan Marvel #83 (Captain Marvel, Spanish edition)

Screenshot-2022-11-04-144839-300x190 Heritage's U.S Characters in Foreign Comics November 10 Auction

Captain Marvel was a big deal in the Golden Age all over the world. This Spanish edition El Capitan Marvel #83 contains stories from Captain Marvel Family #23 and Master Comics #88. The cover, by Pete Costanza and Bernie Krigstein has a lot going on. There’s Captain Marvel fighting Thor (long before Marvel made Thor an Avenger), and what appears to be Nyoka the Jungle Girl fighting for her life. The full title for Nyoka reads out Nyoka Temor Oculto, which roughly means hidden fear. If only we knew what was going on inside this comic.

With a CGC blue label of 6.5 with white pages, this could be your chance to own an affordable, unique piece of comic book history.

Do you collect international comics? Let us know in the comments below!

Signup_Footer Heritage's U.S Characters in Foreign Comics November 10 Auction*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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John Calvert November 10, 2022 - 2:01 pm

Swedish translation is closer to “This Weeks Adventure”


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