Heritage’s Tuesday Mini-Boss Video Game Finds for December 13

by Lauren Sisselman

121222I-1024x536 Heritage’s Tuesday Mini-Boss Video Game Finds for December 13For decades, people young and old have been playing video games. From Atari to Playstation, there’s certainly a video game for every collector! Now with graded games, collectors can take their collection to the next level. Each week, Heritage holds a Mini-Boss Select auction, featuring some fine examples of collectible video games.

Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom

Screenshot-2022-12-12-132309-300x256 Heritage’s Tuesday Mini-Boss Video Game Finds for December 13

In 1991 American gamers were given the chance to play Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom, a text adventure game originally released in 1984. This ported game follows the player as Sir Cucumber, who is on a mission to defeat Minister Pumpkin, the antagonist who kidnapped Princess Tomato. The game was re-released for the Wii’s Virtual Console in 2010, and Princess Tomato was even a downloadable character for Super Bomberman R in 2017.

This ungraded complete in-box game is an absolute delight. While the box has creases on all sides, Heritage notes that the manual and cartridge are both in excellent condition. This could be a good time for a collector to get this game at a reasonable price. To compare, a WATA-graded 9.0 has a one-year average of $1,080. If you’re looking at this from an investor’s point of view, you may want to look for a higher-graded copy.

Kiss Pinball

Screenshot-2022-12-12-132358-258x300 Heritage’s Tuesday Mini-Boss Video Game Finds for December 13

I absolutely love pinball machines and have a soft spot for virtual pinball games as well. While a virtual pinball game may not be just like playing a real-life solid-state machine, they certainly take up less space! Kiss has had a handful of pinball machines themselves, but this game should not be confused with those. This is a standalone game developed by Wildfire Studios. This game was poorly received and was all but forgotten about after release.

This sealed 9.2 A WATA-graded copy is a great copy with exciting cover art. If you’re a KISS fan or a die-hard pinball collector, this game is perfect. With a one-year average of $139 for 9.2 grades and a one-year average of $149, this game could be had for an affordable price.


Screenshot-2022-12-12-132441-185x300 Heritage’s Tuesday Mini-Boss Video Game Finds for December 13

The popular series had seen its highs and lows throughout its life. Yet despite some network setbacks, Futurama still managed to get its own comic book series and video game. The PlayStation 2 game combines shooting and platforming for an enjoyable romp through time and space. While the game itself received mixed reviews, this is one of the holy grails for Futurama fans. Included in the game is the 73rd episode of the series — a lost episode — that was inserted in as cut scenes. This is one of the most desired collectibles for Futurama fans, and unlike many IP-based video games, this game was written by writers of the show. The entire game could be thought of as a one-off side quest.

This sealed 9.8 A WATA-graded copy is as good as it gets. This copy is clean, sharp, and would be a great addition for Futurama fans! This game is hot, and will likely keep climbing in value. The current on-year average on similar 9.8 copies is at $1,440, with the most recent sale ending in November of 2022. This is the second-highest example of this game, and will likely command an impressive price!

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*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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