Heritage’s Tuesday Mini-Boss Finds for April 25

by Lauren Sisselman

042423H-1024x536 Heritage’s Tuesday Mini-Boss Finds for April 25For decades people young and old have been playing video games. From Atari to Playstation, there’s certainly a video game for every collector! With graded games, collectors can take their collection to the next level. Heritage holds a Mini-Boss Select auction weekly, featuring some fine examples of collectible video games.

The Lion King WATA 9.2 Sealed

Screenshot-2023-04-24-133207-203x300 Heritage’s Tuesday Mini-Boss Finds for April 25

The Lion King is my favorite Disney movie. I saw it mere days after its release, and will never forget how traumatic Mufasa’s death was to 8-year-old me. But I became obsessed and started collecting anything and everything The Lion King — including the video game for the Sega Genesis.

The game was unrealistically hard for me, but the graphics were fun and I would devour anything The Lion King. This game was a staple for me, and while I have revisited it as an adult (and still can’t get past early levels), it’s a fun trip down nostalgia lane.

This sealed, early production clamshell WATA-graded 9.2 copy looks great. The one-year average for similarly graded games is $234, with prices trending down. I don’t see prices going up in the near future, so if you’re looking to invest in this title I would skip it. But if you’re a collector, now is a great time to buy.

Shark Tale WATA 9.4 Sealed

Screenshot-2023-04-24-133259-177x300 Heritage’s Tuesday Mini-Boss Finds for April 25

Shark Tale, a mostly forgotten 2004 DreamWorks film, might surprise many of you to see on this list. The movie was not well-received by critics, but it was a commercial success. While there are problems with the story, Shark Tale came out a year after Finding Nemo — to the naked eye Shark Tale looks like a cheap ripoff of a much more popular movie, even though the two films are wildly different.

While Finding Nemo is still culturally relevant, Shark Tale has all but been forgotten about. The video-game tie-in fared much better than the movie with most reviews being on the positive side.

This sealed WATA-graded 9.4 copy for the X-Box has little to no sales data. If you’re looking for an investment game, look elsewhere. If you’re a collector, this is a unique piece. As someone who enjoyed bad cinema, I can appreciate tie-ins for a movie. This would do well in movie tie-in collections or DreamWorks fans. This game — even with a buyer’s fee — might be the most affordable item in this auction.

Jaws Unleashed WATA 9.6 Sealed

Screenshot-2023-04-24-133333-179x300 Heritage’s Tuesday Mini-Boss Finds for April 25

48 years ago Jaws swam onto the big screen and took a bite out of the movies. The Academy Award-winning film has secured its place in pop culture history. How many of us still hum the Jaws theme when we’re near a large body of water? Jaws spawned a meaty franchise and inspired movies for years to come. Jaws also had a handful of video games, including Jaws Unleased in 2006. Despite selling well, the game was critically panned.

This sealed WATA-graded 9.6 PlayStation 2 copy is seriously cool. The cover art was inspired by the original poster,  so if you like the iconic Jaws imagery, this could be a cool piece for your collection. The current one-year average for similarly graded examples is $216, but there have been no signs of prices moving up or down. This game is a great potential piece for investors, and a great piece for collectors as well.

Upgrade2_Footer Heritage’s Tuesday Mini-Boss Finds for April 25*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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