Heritage’s March 2023 Pokemon TCG Showcase Gems

by Lauren Sisselman

032123E-21-1024x536 Heritage's March 2023 Pokemon TCG Showcase GemsAre you attempting to be the very best, like no one ever was? Then don’t miss out on this month’s Pokemon Masters TCG Showcase on Heritage! This auction features cards and memorabilia from various Pokemon TCG World Tournaments from around the world. While each item here is admirable, here are my pics of the top gems to watch in this auction!

Pokemon National Championships Mewtwo Second Place Trophy

Screenshot-2023-03-30-083148-158x300 Heritage's March 2023 Pokemon TCG Showcase Gems

Want to show everyone that you’re one of the best? The 2006 Pokemon TCG National Championships were held at the Hilton Anaheim in Anaheim, California, between the 18th and 20th of August. This trophy is being sold in as-is condition, as it does not have its power core. The trophy and base are not attached.

Other trophies being offered include:

2007’s Third Place Blastoise trophy 
A 2007 State Province Territory Blastoise trophy
A 2008 National Championships Second Place Luxray trophy

These trophies are highly collectible, so this could be your chance at acquiring multiples. These trophies tend to perform well in auctions. A 2006 First Place Mewtwo trophy sold for $2,880 in November of 2021. That same month, a 2007 First Place Blastoise trophy sold for $2,400. In July of 2021, a 2000 World Championship Winner cup and group lot sold for $40,800. While the trophies offered here won’t reach that price point, they should not be overlooked.

Black Star Promo Championship Arena

Screenshot-2023-03-30-083804-300x246 Heritage's March 2023 Pokemon TCG Showcase Gems

Out of all the cards offered in this auction, this is the one to watch. This 2005 Black Star Promotional card Championship Arena is rare. With a CGC blue label grade of 6.5, this isn’t a high-grade card — but I don’t believe that will hurt the value. By comparison, a PSA 6 example sold for $320 in January of 2023 on eBay. A PSA Gem Mint 10 Japanese example of the card sold for $6,999 on eBay the same month. At the time of this writing, this card in this auction is over $1,000 — and could potentially go for a few hundred more. If you’re looking at this as an investment piece I would use your best judgment. If you’re a collector, this card might be more than what I would personally pay, but it’s a good chance at buying a mid-grade card that displays well.

Togepi All Nippon Airlines Promo Card

Screenshot-2023-03-30-083910-179x300 Heritage's March 2023 Pokemon TCG Showcase Gems

If you few All Nippon Airlines between September through October of 2000, chances are you may have received this promotional Togepi card! ANA was a sponsor for the 2000 TCG tournament, which brought 50 of the best Pokemon TCG players from all around the world. As ANA was a sponsor, they flew the Japanese children to the tournament. This card was included in the Get in a Jet! 2000 promo, in which passengers returned their (presumably used) boarding pass for a chance to receive a special Pokemon card. This unnumbered Togepi card has a CGC blue label grade of 8.5, with only one example graded higher. This is a super cute card, and while not incredibly valuable, is still a fun collector’s piece.

In February of 2023 a PSA 10 example sold for $355 on eBay. Ungraded examples tend to sell for under $12. While I don’t see this card breaking any records, I expect this to at least realize a price over $100.








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