Heritage Mini-Boss Auction Highlights for Tuesday July 26

by Lauren Sisselman

072222D-1-1024x536 Heritage Mini-Boss Auction Highlights for Tuesday July 26Collecting and investing in video games has been a big thing for collectors. Heritage’s weekly video game auctions have been a gold mine in offering some of the best in graded games and video game accessories. Over the past few months, we’ve seen a number of high-ticket video games come through their weekly auctions, as well as some unique and overlooked pieces. Let’s dive in and see what we can find this week!

Factory Case of 6 Sealed Game Gear NFL 95 Games

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Here’s something for the investment hopefuls. This factory case contains 6 factory-sealed Game Gear NFL 95 games.  Similar boxes have some up for sale prior to this, with prices staying near the $100 mark. The game itself typically sells for under $20, but those examples are opened complete in box games.

There is little to no data on sealed copies of this game, so this could be a huge win. Right now bidding on this item is low, so if you enjoy a good gamble, this may be your lucky day.

Tron: Deadly Discs WATA 8.5 

lf-2022-07-22T112656.817-e1658503667583-196x300 Heritage Mini-Boss Auction Highlights for Tuesday July 26

Tron was ahead of its time on its release in 1982. This futuristic movie spawned two arcade games, as well as a few video games players could play at home. Intellivision released three Tron-inspired games –the first being Tron: Deadly Discs. While this game isn’t super valuable, this could be a good buy for a Tron enthusiast.

The one-year average on a WATA 8.5 is $240, but don’t let that deter you. To compare, a WATA 9.2 yearly average is $89, and a 9.4 yearly average is $109. The average price for a WATA 9.8 is sitting at $420 which is to be expected with higher grade items.  I predict this copy will go low, but with an auction, anything goes!

Mega Man WATA 7.0 Complete in Box

lf-2022-07-22T112817.709-e1658503753653-213x300 Heritage Mini-Boss Auction Highlights for Tuesday July 26

Finally, a complete in-box game! This game, regardless of condition, is always a fan favorite — after all, it’s the first appearance of Mega Man! The popular character has had a number of follow-up games and even an anime, solidifying his name in video game history.

While some might shy away from CIB games, don’t be discouraged. The one-year average for similar WATA 7.0 games is currently at $610, with the last one sold in February of 2022.

While this will likely stay around the price range, this could be a good game for a long-term investor or a Mega Man fan. This is a great example of this game, and it will almost always be in demand!

RoboWarrior WATA 9.4

lf-2022-07-22T113016.479-e1658503884746 Heritage Mini-Boss Auction Highlights for Tuesday July 26

This is the second highest WATA grade for RoboWarrior, the Nintendo Entertainment System puzzle game. Puzzle games are some of my favorite video games, though admittedly I have yet to play this one. The cover art for RoboWarrior is rather striking, with a retro-inspired robot ready to go into war.

The one-year average on similarly graded games is $360, so if you’re looking at this as an investment piece you may be sitting on it for a while. I would guess that this game will end under $400, boosting the one-year average up slightly.

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CheckOutTheVideoGamePriceGuide_Footer Heritage Mini-Boss Auction Highlights for Tuesday July 26*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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