Heritage Auctions: Largest US Auction House for Comics

by $Rico$

Heritage-300x157 Heritage Auctions: Largest US Auction House for ComicsAs you know, when it comes to buying comic books, it is important to deal with a reputable seller able to guarantee your purchase satisfaction. If you talk to other collectors, you will find out that auction houses are at the very heart of the comic book market, offering key books for any taste and budget. Buying comic books from an auction house is indeed an easy and secure way to purchase authentic items of high value.  All you have to do is register on the auction house website and link a payment option to your account and you are good to go.  So now that you’re all set let’s talk about Heritage Auctions, the largest auction house in the United States.

Heritage-2 Heritage Auctions: Largest US Auction House for Comics

There are so many options out there for a buyer when purchasing comic books.  eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, Flea Markets, Local Comic Shops, Comic Cons, and of course auction houses are all viable options.

You may have read some articles or heard rumors going around talking about the current state of the comic book industry.  Or how a bubble is on the horizon and prone to burst at any moment.  Obviously, these people haven’t heard of Heritage Auctions, where record-breaking sales are happening every month.


Heritage Auctions (HA) is one of the premier auction sites a collector can go to.  Specializing in coins, sports collectibles, fine and decorative art, rare books and comic art, jewelry, timepieces, vintage and contemporary photography, fine wines, couture handbags, and space memorabilia, among others. It is also a great place to purchase intellectual property and luxury real estate.  Pretty much a one-stop-shop for any collector.   Heritage-Auctions-300x300 Heritage Auctions: Largest US Auction House for Comics

Heritage Auctions is not just the most trusted and largest auction house in the United States; Heritage Auctions is the largest collectibles auctioneer and the third largest auction house in the world. Born from the partnership between two collectors, Jim Halperin and Steve Ivy, it first opened its doors in 1976 in Dallas, TX. Heritage Auctions is still headquartered in Dallas, but today it also has locations all over the country and abroad. These include offices in New York, San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Palm Beach, London, Hong Kong, and IJsselstein in the Netherlands. However, you do not need to visit Heritage Auctions in person because this auction house is the undisputed Internet leader in the field, with over 1 million online bidders registered on HA.com.  You can practically buy almost anything right from the comfort of your home.

HA Motive

“We believe deep, unbiased information can and should be available to all parties, transactions made more transparent, trading friction reduced and the learning curve made less steep and less expensive for new collectors and sellers.”

HA Mission

“To be the world’s most trusted and efficient marketplace and information resource for owners of fine art, jewels, rare collectibles, and other precious objects.”

HA Values

  • Integrity– Honesty and fairness must define every facet of our business.
  • Transparency– We embrace clarity and openness, enabling clients, partners, and coworkers to make informed, confident decisions.
  • Expertise– Our success depends upon providing clients with the best possible advice.
  • Efficiency– We focus on helping clients, partners and coworkers save time and resources.
  • Innovation– We continually make our services more convenient and useful.
  • Long-Term Perspective– We strive to carefully construct only sustainable, win-win agreements with clients and partners.

Heritage-3-300x225 Heritage Auctions: Largest US Auction House for ComicsRECENT HERITAGE SALES


There you go.  If you’re looking for a grail, more than likely HA has it and you will see it in the next auction.  As you will see, many of the rarities HA deals in are investment-quality items that not only enhance a collection but also add financial stability through diversification. HA’s staff of experts can provide informal auction appraisals as well as paid appraisals for insurance purposes. That’s in addition to advice on collecting, certification, restoration, and conservation.  Pretty much a market expert on speed dial. Who doesn’t need someone like that?  The hobby is strong, the market is robust, and collectors are indeed buying. They’re buying those keys from Heritage Auctions.  According to Eric Bradley, Public Relations Director, “the current market conditions are setting new ceilings every year and the comic book hobby continues to have strong growth.”  I agree.  Let’s enjoy this ride together.

Until next time you comic book junkies………………..

Please share your thoughts and comments you have about Heritage Auctions.  What is your go-to auction site that you prefer?  Heritage? ComicLink? ComicConnect? Or is there another?  Let us know.  Have you recently won anything from Heritage Auctions?  Are you currently a buyer or a seller during this comic book boom we are all experiencing now?

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Ken April 4, 2021 - 7:21 pm

Nice article. I will answer that none of the sites “guarantee” a transaction but customer service varies. I’ve been burnt by eBay (lost my money), ComicLink and ComicConnect (in each case the seller failed to send in book after negotiating a price; I got a refund and ended up paying more for the books elsewhere) and Heritage (sent me the wrong lot of Daredevils; I returned the ones I received in error but my “won” lot was somehow lost; I did get a refund and some money towards a future auction). In the end I believe they all try their best, however, I feel much more “safer” purchasing on Heritage as the level of frustration when negotiating a price and then having the seller walk away as my payments are held for weeks is high. In both cases I had to keep following up which is not great customer service. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system (thank you) I continue to use them all as again I believe they all honestly want a safe place to transact and appreciate repeat customers.

Jassie April 5, 2021 - 6:11 pm

I registered on Heritage, but as a UK user it doesn’t indicate on any auctions the shipping cost information for overses bidders, expected taxes and duties for sending acrross boarders etc so it put me off from making serious bids till now. I notice they do not even list shipping chabrges for sales within the States.

johnnyspruce April 5, 2021 - 6:30 pm

It’s not worth it as a buyer… plus you’ll pay more here than anywhere else after auction fees, taxes, and shipping are included…

Villainess April 5, 2021 - 8:02 pm

Heritage really needs a better/ friendlier interface for cgc comics. They dabble in so much, that it gets lost imho.


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