Here’s a $150 reason to upgrade to GoCollect premium

by Cassaundra Thomas

Sticker-3x2-05-300x200 Here's a $150 reason to upgrade to GoCollect premiumGoCollect has been assisting comic collectors with buying and selling for years. That’s why we are the #1 price guide for comics. Our premium tools are a powerful asset when making informed decisions on your collectibles. Monthly subscriptions are just $9 and an annual subscription is $89 – well worth the price if you ask one GoCollect premium subscriber! Let’s take a look at how a premium subscription saved him $150!

GoCollect premium saved James $150

James is a long-time user of GoCollect. He first received a coupon code through Regie Collects to check out the premium features that we offer. He was impressed and decided it was time to upgrade to an annual subscription, and boy was he glad that he did!

Batman-227-204x300 Here's a $150 reason to upgrade to GoCollect premiumJames stated, “I’d been looking for a Batman #227 for six months. Went into my LCS with whom I have a good relationship. He finally had one (Batman #227) at a 4.0. He had the book priced at $350. Which I thought was a little high but double-checked with GoCollect. I was able to see that the FMV was only $200, once I pointed this out to my local LCS he saw the mistake and gave me the book for the $200.”

GoCollect user James went on to let us know that with the money he saved he basically paid for 3 years of a premium subscription. He is pretty sure that he has been overpaying on comics for years before finding GoCollect. He thanked Regie for promoting our service.

Robust Modeling and Analysis Tools

A big part of the GoCollect premium subscription is the modeling and analysis features. With analysis tools, you can go more in-depth on the sales data, getting info on specific types of sales, and grading data. With the modeling tools, you can plot out the same comic by various grades effectively seeing sales data all on one easy to read graph. 

Confused about how to use these features? Check out this video – it walks users through how to take advantage of GoCollect’s tools.

New Price Guides Launching Soon

When you upgrade to a premium subscription, you will also receive access to the two newest price guides launching soon – concert posters and video games. Upgrade to premium and stop overpaying for collectibles!

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