Henry Cavill back as Superman?

by Mike W

zack-snyder-black-suit-superman-1199588-e1576412789509-194x300 Henry Cavill back as Superman?Here we go again! The latest news pertaining to Henry Cavill as Superman seems to be alive again. Previously, the news was dead on Cavill reprising the role due to salary disagreements. There is a possibility now that Warner Bros (WB) are considering bringing him back for the role. The planned Supergirl movie has been postponed indefinitely by WB. With the rumor that their focus is back on developing another Superman movie, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who is playing Black Adam and could make his DCEU debut in the next Shazam movie. He has been pushing Cavill to reprise his role as Superman through his media handles.



Contracts broke down between Cavill and WB due to his compensation for the Superman role. Cavill believes he should be compensated as an “A-List” actor. His recent success in the “Witcher” Netflix series and his role in Mission Impossible and his continued role in the DCEU is his evidence for a raise in salary. Originally, he was supposed to make a cameo appearance in the post-credits scene for the first Shazam movie. Due to salary disagreements, he did not make the appearance.



Shazam-215x300 Henry Cavill back as Superman?

Warner Bros hired J.J. Abrams ( Star Trek, Star Wars) and James Gunn ( Guardians of the Galaxy, Suicide Squad) to take control of the DCEU. With that, a soft reboot has been thrown around for DC. An example of that is Robert Pattinson taking the role as the new Batman. So the lingering question – is the WB deciding to move on from Cavill and look for a younger actor? At the moment, it is the biggest question for WB in moving forward for their movie universe. It appears they are set with Gal Gadot with Wonder Woman and Zachary Levi as Shazam. I am not entirely sure if Ezra Miller is sold as the Flash going forward. Though, that can be discussed for another time.

To me, if Cavill does reprise the role of Superman, it benefits the DCEU universe for Shazam greatly. The star power of Cavill, Dwayne Johnson, and Levi are salivating. They are bound to appear in a movie together and duke it out. Thought, the key issue that could rise in value is the first modern appearance of Black Adam. The book that appears to be a good pickup if that occurs is Shazam #28.


This issue is the first modern appearance of Black Adam. There are not many key issues with DC Comics that people are buying off eBay like crazy. Potential success from the movie could propel the value of the book to record heights. The current Fair Market Value (FMV) for the book is $1,600 and the trend is positive. It has been showing a trend of 44.6% in the last year.

black-197x300 Henry Cavill back as Superman?










The book is still out if Cavill is the right person for the DCEU. The DCEU movies were not performing great when he was in it. I am not sure if a soft reboot is needed for the movies to be successful, as the fix could be in the hiring of Gunn and Abrams. WB is at a crossroads now where they must decide who needs to be in place the Man of Steel. Cavill should either reprise the role going forward or not at all. Especially, since with the hiring of Pattinson of Batman, I am not entirely sure the youth movement is a full go. All I know is filling this important role is huge for the success of WB going forward.

720522_superman-6-218x300 Henry Cavill back as Superman?



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