Hellboy The Wild Hunt #6 REVIEW

by Jeff

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15372 Hellboy The Wild Hunt #6 REVIEWHellboy: The Wild Hunt #6 of 8
Dark Horse Comics
Mignola & Fegredo

The latest issue of Hellboy takes a bizarre, unexpected, but welcome turn. This issue turned into a huge origin development for Hellboy. Even if you are only familiar with the movies, you know Hellboy’s father is one of the ranking figures from Hell, horns, tail, fire, etc. Hellboy, upon birth, was taken into good hands and raised well enough that he rejects his hellish destiny. Hellboy had a mother, though, and in this issue we learn all about her lineage making his destiny a little more confusing and a heck of a lot more interesting.

geekgoggle Hellboy The Wild Hunt #6 REVIEWThere’s really no way to discuss this plot development without giving some level of spoiler. Hellboy visits with Morgan Le Fay, of King Arthur fame. Here he learns of his opposing army that is being built by Nimue. Nimue is also connected to Arthur in that she trapped and stole Merlin’s powers. How does Hellboy link to all of this? Well, he holds the key to the Arthur Pendragon bloodline. To find out how you’ll have to read it yourself.

The departure in this issue is the lore which the story is using. In the past many Hellboy stories link up to more obscure mythology or fable-like tales, some of which may be widely known, while others seem to be dug up from some lost story. This issue joins Hellboy to perhaps the most well known story in his run by finding its way into the legend of Arthur. The best part is that it works so well. Hellboy has managed work his status up to the level that it simply isn’t a reach that he has ties to someone like Arthur. The religious aspect of the plot development is also a great one because it finds a strong holy war to attach to that doesn’t necessarily deal with Hell.

The artwork brings Arthur into the world of Hellboy very well. Depending on which movie, book or show you are reading about Arthur, it will invariably get around to shiny armor and radiant figures. Hellboy is dark and scary. Arthur and his cast blend into the Hellboy fold seamlessly and without compromising what the Arthurian legend holds dear. To look through the comic you wouldn’t notice that anything is different stylistically as opposed to Hellboy battling some frogs.

Usually in each Hellboy mini series I find the one special issue that fleshes out Hellboy more or the story brings me to a new level of appreciation for the character. This issue does that for me in this mini series. Hellboy has new meaning and a new purpose. Now, is it possible that everything we learn in this issue is a red herring? Yes, but if it were then the comic did its job by pushing across a believable “change” in its character during this story. If you are interested in Hellboy and want to get some origin then this issue builds nicely upon the movies. On the other hand, I would think the long time readers of this comic will enjoy it because of the nature in which Hellboy is sucked into battle against Nimue. Either way I can’t imagine someone passing up this comic.

5 out of 5 geek goggles

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