Heath Ledger Nominated for Best Supporting Actor

by Jeff

Heath Ledger has been nominated for an Academy Award® in the Best Supporting Actor category. It’s great to see that his performance was not overlooked simply because he appeared in a comic book movie. I thought his interpretation of the Joker was nothing short of fantastic and his performance was understated and powerful.

The Dark Knight was also nominated for several technical awards, including Visual Effects, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, Makeup, Film Editing, Cinematography, and Art Direction.

ledger Heath Ledger Nominated for Best Supporting Actor

Is it too much to ask for a Best Picture nod? This is undoubtedly the most triumphant comic book movie ever. The adjusted box office grosses are pretty clear. Outperforming Spider-Man and the original Batman is a HUGE task, and they did it.

How did Nolan not get a nod? What the hell? It stands to reason that the best films also have the best directors, but 5 for 5 this year, seriously? Did they even see the first five minutes of The Dark Knight? What about the scene in the bar with Two Face, or Rachel being dropped off the side of the building, the Joker Nurse scene, or the construction site scene? Wow. This one really feels like an oversight guys and gals.

What do you think? Should the commercial success of The Dark Knight have any bearing on nominations for more prestigious categories? Am I way off base here? Why is it always the smaller grossing movies that get the top nods? Let us know below.

Author : Josh@TFAW

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