Headline Comics #8 up for Auction

by Blaise Tassone

Headline-8-211x300 Headline Comics #8 up for AuctionPublished from 1943-1956 by Prize Publishers, the anthology series known as Headline Comics is another Golden Age treasure. You can own a piece of this treasure. Headline Comics #8 is up for auction with Heritage.

Headline Comics was one of the many titles in the history of the comic book that stayed relevant to readers by changing genres. In the 1940s, when superheroes were all the rage, Headline began publication as a superhero anthology comic. When interest in superheroes began to wane, after the war, Headline Comics switched genres and started publishing as a crime anthology comic.





headline1-216x300 Headline Comics #8 up for AuctionHeadline Comics #1 (February 1943) – First Issue Junior Rangers stories begin

Subtitled, ‘For the American Boy’ (after a subsidiary magazine from Prize Publishers who was also printing American Boy’s Comics at the time), there was no ambiguity in the adventure/superhero themes of the original issues of Headline Comics. 9.2 copies of Headline Comics #1 are listed as having a $1,600 value in the latest Overstreet Price Guide. An 8.5 graded copy, however, sold on December 9, 2018, for a final price of $2,400, suggesting that it’s time to revise Overstreet guides, which regularly underprice these key Golden Age books.




headline-23-208x300 Headline Comics #8 up for AuctionHeadline Comics #23 (February 1947) – First Issue of Crime Anthology

Later in its run, starting with issue #23, Headline moved from a superhero to a crime anthology title. Among the names associated with the comic at this time are the creators of Captain America: Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Obviously, it would have been better for the pair to have produced the superhero titles but in any case, they did a fine job coming up with the crime stories. Taken from “true famous Detective Cases”, these pre-code crime issues are also perennially popular with collectors. As in the case of Headline #1, the 49th edition of Overstreet (2019-2020) lists Headline Comics #23 (first crime issue) as worth $465 in near mint 9.2 grade. Copies, however, regularly sell for much more than that at auctions. For example, an 8.5 graded copy of Headline Comics #23 sold on Heritage Auction on August 3, 2019, for $504. Again, we see these books regularly selling for higher than the Overstreet listed prices.



Headline-8-211x300 Headline Comics #8 up for AuctionHeadline Comics #8 (July 1944) – Classic Occult Hitler Cover

Currently, a 3.0 copy of Headline Comics #8 (an early issue) is up for auction at Heritage. Featuring an impressionistic and classic Hitler cover, with an occult vibe, this comic is rare to find its way up for sale (8 sales in the past 20 years) and it will be interesting to see what price the auction ultimately fetches. Overstreet lists 2.0 condition copies of Headline Comics #8 as valued for $1,275 and that price jumps to $14,000 on 9.2 copies. That said, a 1.0 copy sold for $2,100 on ComicConnect on December 13, 2018. As usual, these Golden Age books seem to outperform the Overstreet price listings. Will the current sale make the headlines?




Be sure to check out Headline Comics #8 on Heritage’s auction! Comment below what you think this comic book will sell for!

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mike November 8, 2019 - 12:36 pm

They also have a 7.5 up for auction now also. It currently sits at a 9250 bid.

Thanks, I enjoy your insight.


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