HeadHunta’ Studios starts convention season at New Orleans Comic Con

by Jeff

lil_Headhunta_Mascotver3 HeadHunta' Studios starts convention season at New Orleans Comic ConMedia Release — HeadHunta’ Studios kicks off their 2011 Convention Season at Wizard World Nawlins’ with three major additions to their already amazingly talented group; Sergio Cariello of Lone Ranger fame, Jeff Balke of coloring fame on many Zenoscope books, and Wilfredo Torres whose gorgeous art has graced many pages from BOOM Studios! Wilfredo Torres and Jeff Balke will even be at Wizard World NO, and although Sergio will only be there in spirit with us, you will be able to purchase some of Sergio Cariello’s prints at the HeadHunta’ Booth!

HeadHunta’ Studios has joined the 2011 Wizard World Tour, and you will be able to find them at all the shows for 2011…

The key ingredients for the Wizard World New Orleans “HeadHunta’ Gumbo” is going to be Koi Turnbull, Jeff Balke, Wilfredo Torres, Kevin Stokes, Siddeeq Saafir, and Chris Walker. All artists will be doing commissions, selling prints, artwork and sketches. Also available at the HeadHunta’ Booth will be a couple exclusive Convention prints by artist extraordinaire, Wilfredo Torres available in 2 forms; full color and black and white…. swing by and let Jeff Balke – our color genius- color it right before your eyes, which surely will give you a unique memento! And if you want to make your own “HeadHunta’ Gumbo” while at the con, swing by and pick up things from the following Key ingredients…

Koi Turnbull: Artist on One Month to Live, Superman Confidential, Wolverine: Killing Made Simple, Fathom, New Warriors, and many more!

Chris Walker; Founder Headunta’ Studios, Writer on Tiger Style and Raptor

Kevin Stokes; Artist on Guardian Project, Departure; Hidden Worlds, Extinction, Splitsville, Tiger Style, Forever’s Future

Jeff Balke: Colorist on Grimm Fairy Tales, Tales from Wonderland, White Knight, Zombies vs. Cheerleaders, Hack/Slash Trailers

Wilfredo Torres: Artist on Salem: Queen of Thorns, Demon’s Regret, Writer – Terminus Tales Presents – Platypus vs. Monkey

Siddeeq Saafir: Artist on Raptor

HeadHunta’ Studios has started to generate a buzz in the industry and has managed to put together some amazing talent which is resounding through the industry. HeadHunta’ Studios (http://www.headhuntastudios.com) is a collective of cartoonists, writers, concept designers, illustrators, animators, graphic novelists, & storyboard artists based out of Atlanta, GA, but with members spread across the US. HeadHunta’ Studios is dedicated to developing professional, high-quality custom comics, storybooks/kids books, comics promoting products or licensed properties, as well as specialty illustrations and storyboards for film producers and video game developers. Studio members include Chris Walker, Nathan Massengill, Koi Turnbull, Sergio Cariello, Jeff Balke, Steve Scott, Derrick Fish, Dave Wilkins, Anthony Washington, Ben Fisher, John Rokk, Kevin Stokes, John McGuire, Siddeeq Saafir, and others.

Be prepared to see more announcements from the guys of HeadHunta’ Studios as new titles and issues will be making their way into the world…

For more information, please visit HeadHunta’ Studios website (http://www.headhuntastudios.com or http://www.headhuntaz.com)

You can also receive up-to-date information including signing schedules, convention appearances and more by following HeadHunta’ Studios on Twitter: @HeadhuntaStudio and Facebook.

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