HAZED on MySpace

by Jeff

(PR) On February 27th, HAZED, my darkly comic graphic novel about sororities and eating disorders will hit stores (as will the fourth and final issue of FEARLESS).

For those of you who can’t wait two weeks, however, MySpace Comics has been kind enough to print the entire 1st Chapter (of 5) for free as a preview:


(No, you don’t have to be a member of MySpace to read it, and no MySpace is not just for garage bands and webcam girl spam…)

Seriously, this is work I’m extremely proud of (in good deal because of the work of artist Robbi Rodriguez).

218HI3aRQYL HAZED on MySpace
sep071951d HAZED on MySpace
Fearless #1
oct072008d HAZED on MySpace
Fearless #2
nov072041d HAZED on MySpace
Fearless #3

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