Hawkeye Trailer Spurs Key FMVs

by Matt Tuck

091521D-1-300x157 Hawkeye Trailer Spurs Key FMVsThe Hawkeye trailer has landed, and it looks like another hit is on the plate for Disney+. That will make collectors take a closer look at those Clint Barton and Kate Bishop keys ahead of the series premiere.


Did anyone else get a Lethal Weapon vibe from the Hawkeye trailer? Instead of Riggs and Murtaugh, we have Barton and Bishop. Now, all we need is Clint to say, “I’m gettin’ too old for this…”

TOS57-200x300 Hawkeye Trailer Spurs Key FMVs

Following Disney’s longstanding action-comedy formula, the show looks to have a distinct “buddy cop” feel to it. The Christmas setting further solidifies Hawkeye as the next incarnation of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover’s enduring bromance. 

No doubt, the trailer has stirred both collectors and mainstream audiences. Like always, Marvel Studios has managed to set the market on fire, beginning with these issues.


At the top of the Hawkeye food chain is his first appearance in Tales of Suspense #57. While it appears Jeremy Renner’s days as the MCU’s premiere archer are numbered, this will remain the most coveted of Hawkeye keys no matter who assumes the moniker.

Screenshot-2021-09-15-125757 Hawkeye Trailer Spurs Key FMVs

TOS #57 Trends

The new series will give both Clint Barton his first – and probably last – chance to shine apart from his fellow Avengers. The bittersweet goodbye will propel values for TOS #57. 

Just after the trailer dropped Monday, a CGC-graded 5.5 sold for $1,900. The day before, a 6.0 brought $1,276. The fact that a lower grade fetched such a higher price goes to show how much of an impact the trailer has had.

young_avengers_1-197x300 Hawkeye Trailer Spurs Key FMVsYOUNG AVENGERS #1

With every new Marvel series and movie, the MCU gets closer to the Young Avengers. As Kate Bishop takes over the Hawkeye mantle throughout the streaming show, it will put collectors on notice that the YA is incoming. 

Of course, it has been no secret that Marvel wants their version of the Teen Titans in the MCU. The studio has already introduced Cassie Lang, Patriot, as well as Billy and Tommy Maximoff, and adding Kate Bishop only further solidifies the team’s arrival. That is why Young Avengers #1 has been so hot for years now. There are so many first appearances in this issue, including Kate’s, that it is destined to remain a top key for years to come. Who knows? This could become a holy grail in another 30 years.

Like many key issues, YA #1 was at its peak FMV in May when a 9.8 standard edition sold for nearly $1,600. Nothing has approached that mark since then, but that could be on the horizon. On Tuesday morning, another 9.8 brought a respectable $1,100.

Hawkeye-1-196x300 Hawkeye Trailer Spurs Key FMVsHAWKEYE #1 (2012)

This issue won’t reach the levels of TOS #57 or Young Avengers #1, but the interest in the streaming show should give values a bump. It would appear that Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye run will serve as much of the inspiration for the show’s plot, specifically the Tracksuit Mafia and Lucky the Pizza Dog.

With both the Mafia and Lucky confirmed for the show, the crowd-pleasing trailer should create more interest in the 2012 issue. This week, a graded 9.8 just missed $300.


After the original Avengers lineup was essentially retired after Endgame, collectors have been looking toward the future and the Young Avengers. The Hawkeye series is likely Clint’s swan song as the MCU transitions to Kate, and the rest of the team will not be far behind.

I predict that Marvel will officially announce that a Young Avengers Disney+ series is being developed within the next 12 months, perhaps less.

000052721D-1-Footer Hawkeye Trailer Spurs Key FMVs

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Andy September 18, 2021 - 1:47 pm

It seems that the Young Avengers, much like Thanos, are inevitable…. Sorry, someone had to say it


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