Hawkeye Episode 3 Reaction: Was That [SPOILER]?

by Matt Tuck

120121B-1024x536 Hawkeye Episode 3 Reaction: Was That [SPOILER]?Did you catch the [SPOILER] Easter eggs in this week’s Hawkeye episode 3? Nothing is certain on that front, but it will be enough to push a major key’s a bit higher.


Hawkeye will have a surprisingly quick run on Disney+. The show reportedly is six episodes long, and we’re already halfway through, and it’s only week two. That means we have three weeks left for the series to unwrap all its secrets. That should make for big news and more character reveals coming soon, and they will have an immediate effect on the secondary market. 

This week’s edition presented the Echo backstory while also introducing a potential new villain for the show’s remaining episodes. On that note, let’s take a closer look at the key issues that will get the most heat from Episode Three.

ASM-50-199x300 Hawkeye Episode 3 Reaction: Was That [SPOILER]?AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #50

Anyone expecting to see Vincent D’Onofrio in this episode of Hawkeye may have been disappointed. However, there is still hope thanks to a couple of Marvel Studios’ trademark Easter eggs.

At the beginning of the episode, we see Maya Lopez as a little girl in a martial arts class. Her father wishes her good luck, but then a big man in a suit playfully pinches her cheek and laughs. Later, we see Fat Man’s Auto Repair, which is being interpreted as a nod toward the portly criminal mastermind, Kingpin.

The immediate impact will be on his first appearance in ASM #50. Just last week, a 2.5 sold for a record $651, and that was before Episode Three’s wink and nod to Wilson Fisk. 

Daredevil-9-194x300 Hawkeye Episode 3 Reaction: Was That [SPOILER]?DAREDEVIL #9

Hawkeye gave audiences their first look at Echo’s origin story, which will no doubt get a deeper exploration when her solo series premieres in the future.

She is set to make a large impact on the MCU, and her first appearance is selling for top dollar at the moment.

All month, the 9.8 has been selling in the $700-$800 range, and November 28 saw one reach the $1k mark for the first time since August. Earlier today, one sold for $850.

No question, it is a seller’s market, and now is a great time to capitalize on those inflated prices.

hawkeye-9-2nd-1-193x300 Hawkeye Episode 3 Reaction: Was That [SPOILER]?HAWKEYE #9

Along with Echo’s full debut this week came her interpreter, Kazimierz “Kazi” Kazimierczak. Within the next couple of episodes, the show will likely feature his backstory to help explain Kazi’s evolution to his villainous alter ego, the Clown. 

In the comics, he is a psychopathic killer who puts his bloodlust to use as a mercenary. It won’t be long before we see Kazi don the mime makeup and become a version of the Clown, and it will add value to a comic that was already getting pricey. Over the weekend, a 9.8 first print sold for $230, though the more profitable edition is the second print. These are harder to find, and the last 9.8 to swap owners online was in August for an astounding $1,160. More recently, a 9.0 sold for $200 in September.


The Kingpin Easter egg will generate the most buzz for the next week, but the character with the most potential is Kazi the Clown. He has been known to work for the likes of Kingpin and other crime bosses. The true mastermind behind the Tracksuit Mafia has yet to be revealed, and that will likely reveal an even bigger threat. Odds are, it won’t be Kingpin but a face we have yet to see in the MCU. Dig into Kazi’s history, and you may be able to predict who is coming next.

Did you watch Hawkeye Episode 3? What did you think?

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