Have ASM #361 Prices Reached a Plateau?

by Matt Tuck

ASM-361-195x300 Have ASM #361 Prices Reached a Plateau?Amazing Spider-Man #361 remains one of the top-selling graded comics after achieving massive numbers over the past two years, but are prices finally leveling off?

When word first spread that Cletus Kasady was being cast for the Venom movie, prices for ASM #361 shot up overnight. All grades reached record highs, and the volume of sales was simply through the roof. It only helped matters when Woody Harrelson appeared in a post-credits scene, pointing at Carnage being featured in the sequel. (I hope he ditches the wig for Venom 2; it was a bit too Carrot Top for me.)

Carnage-panel-198x300 Have ASM #361 Prices Reached a Plateau?Not only is Carnage getting the big screen treatment, but Marvel has stepped up its game for the bloodthirsty symbiote on the comics side. In 2018, we were treated to the Green Goblin-Carnage combination, Red Goblin. In recent months, Cletus has been resurrected and Donny Cates’ Venom series teases at Carnage having a larger role in the MCU.

Both the movie and comics push has helped boost the ASM #361 values. While prices for his first appearance have been gaining for two years now, it appears that it’s finally tapering off, but that will only be for a short time.

Of the 10 grades sold in the past 90 days, more than half have averaged less than the 12-month fair market value. But don’t let that fool you because the grades aren’t losing value compared to last year’s FMVs.

Taking a closer look, what we’re seeing is that prices are more or less reaching a plateau. Take the 9.8. Last year, it reached a new record high with a $550 sale and averaged $387. Over the past 90 days, its average is up only one dollar, and three of the five most recent sales have all been for under $400. This indicates that while it’s not losing FMV, it has slowed from its record pace, which is good for buyers.

Carnage-transformation-232x300 Have ASM #361 Prices Reached a Plateau?The 9.6 is another good example of this. In 2018, it had an FMV of $165 and peaked at a single sale of $327. Of the 44 copies sold this year, most have stayed within the 2018 FMV. However, the past two sales have been for over $200, and that gives cause to think that it’s beginning to pick back up.

This trend of ASM #361 values staying close to the 2018 averages is being seen essentially across the board. Rest assured, this comic will return to form in the near future. Once there’s a trailer featuring Carnage or at least Cletus Kasaday, fans will lose their minds and the feeding frenzy will begin anew. With that in mind, this plateau in values presents an opportunity to get an ASM #361 before prices spike again.



If you happen to have the second print of ASM #361, you’ll be happy to know that it has not slowed down.

ASM-361-second-print-198x300 Have ASM #361 Prices Reached a Plateau?Although there have only been five grades sold in the past 90 days, all of them have increased in FMV with at least one grade approaching the values of the first print copies. The 9.6 is averaging $121, which is $44 below the first print’s FMV. Those second prints that aren’t rivaling their counterparts are nonetheless making gains in the market. The 9.8, for one, is averaging $242 over the past 90 days, but it’s already set a new record high with a $375 sale on January 22.

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