Haunted Mansion Hardcover Now Available For Preorder

by Jeff

When hinges creak in doorless chambers and candles flicker where the air is DEATHLY still, that’s when you know that ghosts are present. The Haunted Mansion Volume One: Welcome Foolish Mortals! collects stories from the first six issues of the comic book series based on the classic Disney attraction. Featuring work by Roman Dirge, Eric Jones, Drew Rausch and many others, The Haunted Mansion tells the story of the 999 happy haunts who make the mansion their home. This Hardcover collection of the first six issues ships in a sturdy four-color slipcase featuring artwork from the covers of the first six issues of our Haunted Mansion comic book series.

The book itself is a gold stamped cloth-bound hardcover book designed to look like a book you would find in the mysterious old manse itself. A limited number of these books will be available so order yours today. DON’T COUNT ON FINDING THIS IN YOUR LOCAL COMIC BOOK STORE OR BOOKSELLER!!! This preorder offer may be your best bet to actually own one of these books. Years from now, when people are selling the for twice the price on eBay, you’re going to wish you had jumped in on the ground floor.

hmslipcase Haunted Mansion Hardcover Now Available For Preorder

By ordering before December 10th you can get a 10% discount off the cover price and if you use the following coupon code at checkout : hmship you will get FREE USPS shipping in the United States.


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