Haunt Volume 1 to Collect Issues 1-5 of Popular Monthly Comic

by Jeff

DEC090357 Haunt Volume 1 to Collect Issues 1-5 of Popular Monthly ComicMedia Release — The first trade paperback of Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman’s Haunt monthly comic is all set to hit comic shops and bookstores nationwide in March 2010.

Haunt Volume 1 collects the first five issues of the newest comic blockbuster by McFarlane and Kirkman and features 120 pages of “Hauntastic” content, with an incredible cover price of only $9.99! Not only is this new trade paperback a fantastic value, but it will be available the same day Haunt #6 arrives in comic shops everywhere. Haunt Volume 1 is the perfect addition to any fan’s collection, as well as a terrific jumping on point for new readers who want to “catch up” before picking up the next monthly issue.

Based around two brothers, one a less than perfect priest, the other a government agent, the men struggle to get along, rarely agreeing on anything. An unexpected accident forces them to work together in ways they never thought possible. Struggling with his own personal demons, the priest begrudgingly works alongside the spirit of his recently deceased brother, who possesses him. Together, the brothers form a new superhero, Haunt.

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