Haunt issue 6 to feature stand-alone story

by Jeff

oct090362d Haunt issue 6 to feature stand-alone storyMedia Release — With the upcoming conclusion to the first story arc on the horizon, the Haunt creative team is proud to announce a stand-alone issue filled with shocking revelations. Veteran artist, Greg Capullo, takes the helm on this exciting supplementary issue. “Ghosts, gobs of goo and gore… What more can I ask for?” the long time McFarlane partner says. “I’m ready to rock those Kilgore Bros.”

Co-creator Robert Kirkman states, “Having Greg come in to pencil this stand-alone issue is a real treat. His layouts for the series have been amazing but I’m really looking forward to seeing him come in and finish the work that he’s been laying in for Ryan Ottley. It couldn’t come at a better time, issue 6 is a stand-alone tale focusing on Mirage, who we learn a lot about in issue 5, and it’ll be showing us some of the events of the first mini-series from her point of view.
This character is very important to the future of Haunt so this spotlight issue should be a big hit with fans of the series — especially with Capullo handling the art!”

Haunt #6, releasing March 2010, revisits the events surrounding Kurt’s death from the perspective of the mysterious character, Mirage, and provides further insight into the birth of Haunt. If you haven’t picked up Haunt issues 1-5, this is an excellent jumping-on point for new readers, leading up to the second explosive story arc beginning in issue 7!

Haunt issue 6, a 32-page full color comic book offered at $2.99, will be on sale March 2010 alongside the Haunt Volume 1 Trade Paperback.

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