Hasta La Vista, Peter Parker

by Norman Robinson III

652530_61dd0c3ea38d046acdf454c6e9378f389e49ab6d-195x300 Hasta La Vista, Peter Parker

Amazing Spider-Man #700 (second print) is an exciting purchase as a collectible. After all, the death of Peter Parker is no small thing and a massive key to the Marvel universe. There are eight variants, seven printings and that is a lot of ground to cover. Since there are so many covers we are just going to review two prints. I will size up each as collectible or speculation or investment or all three.

The first issue we are reviewing is Amazing Spider-Man #700 (second printing), the creative team of Slott, DeMatteis and Van Meter with stories by Ramos, Comuncoli, and Buscema. The cover rocks a solid attack by Doc Oc in the format of Todd McFarlane #300 ASM. This comic is one that fans of Octo Doc should own. The cover artist is Humberto Ramos; I would swear it was McFarlane if I didn’t know better.

As an investment, this comic shows remarkable resilience over seven years. To begin Amazing Spider-Man #700 has returned 72% in a 9.8 near mint plus grade since its creation. Furthermore, all category between 9.8 to 7.5 has shown a remarkable ability to hold up and return a profit. Try to purchase an issue at the 9.0 range or above as the return is as high as 40%. This is a definite buy and a must for Doc Oc fans.

The second cover review is a very fresh cover of Amazing Spider-Man #700 (first printing) it has a collage inside a Spider-Man mask of all Spider’s heroes and villains over his lifetime. This print has a unique look with the same team Slott, DeMatteis and Van Meter with stories by Ramos, Comuncoli, and Buscema. Personally, this is my favorite.

This comic also shows a remarkable increase in profit over the same five year period. Unfortunately, the near mint plus (9.8) and near mint to very fine (9.0) only returned 1.8% same period. Bottom line it is an excellent piece and very collectible but go either 9.8 or any lower-grade for mere collectability only. To be honest, if you are a real fan of Spider-Man; you should own a copy of Peter Parker’s last issue, either first or second print. After all, where is your Spidey-sensitivity?

Sirens Sink and the Birds of Prey Take Flight

Gotham City Sirens #1 by Paul Dini and Ian Sattler with art by the team of March, Jones, and Merino; is going to sink like a rock now that a substantial negative catalyst about the proposed movie has dropped. David Ayer is not going to be doing the next film of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. He had been in talks to direct Gotham City Sirens; not anymore Harley fans! Sell this book immediately, in fact, unload everything you can about Gotham City Sirens. GCS is too similar to the Birds of Prey storyline to hold. Besides Warner Brothers is only going to produce Birds of Prey (source CBM).

The only book I could find with some value is Birds of Prey #1 (1999) script by Chuck Dixon and pencils by Land and Stelfreeze. With the apparent impetus of movie on the horizon this book should heat up like a meteor. Its sales history is strong but small and skewed with only 11 total recorded sales, but it does show a 26% return. Take flight with Birds of Prey and have your speculation soar to the heavens.

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