Has WandaVision Introduced Enchantress Into the MCU?

by Peter Daddone

021821E_Blog-300x157 Has WandaVision Introduced Enchantress Into the MCU?There are a lot of posts sifting through the WandaVision tea leaves (and Easter Eggs) trying to figure out the next big push into the MCU.  There have been some great posts.  Vision and the Scarlet Witch comic min-series (both of them) are heating up.  I’m throwing my two cents into the arena.  Time for me to make bold speculation.  I’m making a hard-right away from many of the other predictions/speculations.  Gobble up your Enchantress key comics because the MCU just introduced Enchantress!

Bold Prediction: Dottie is Enchantress, Will Appear in Loki + Other Movies!

Journey-Into-Mystery-103-2-215x300 Has WandaVision Introduced Enchantress Into the MCU?A warning label needs to be attached to any MCU speculation.  I hesitate to even write this post.  I’m working my anxiety stones while I’m thinking about what to say…again!  Speculating is a really hard process.  If you are right 50% of the time, you are doing better than the weather-person on TV, but not making anyone any money.  Speculation has to be right…a lot of rights!  So, here it goes.  What if we have WandaVision all wrong?  What if Wanda isn’t causing this alternate reality?  The hypnotized people, the resurrection of Pietro is not her doing.  What if she’s created this world to fight something else, maybe the Enchantress?

I think Dottie is Enchantress and the character will crossover to Loki, Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, and Thor Love and Thunder.  Wanda’s struggle will continue and maybe even crossover into Loki’s series.  So, what if the Enchantress is the one manipulating Westview, the residents, Pietro, all of it, and Wanda is somehow using her powers to bring back Vision, creating some manipulation of her own?  What if she has only a partial memory of what is going on and an epic reveal and battle with Enchantress is on the way?

What if I’m Right?

Think I’m onto something?  Then, what are some key Enchantress comics to collect?  Journey into Mystery #103 is the big key comic to own.  It is her first appearance.  You’ll need a hefty little sum to pick up the middle to upper-grade copies of this issue, but it is still low in comparison to where it can go if Enchantress makes a Loki-like run throughout the MCU.  She has battled/loved Thor, Dr. Strange, fought Wanda, and battled both the X-men AND the Avengers.  She would be the PERFECT compliment to Loki’s character.  Partnering with Loki to create all kinds of mischief is believable since she’s done it often in the comic universe.

GoCollect’s recent sales trend shows the consistent movement of copies.  CGC graded copies of Journey Into Mystery #103 in the 7.0-8.0 tier is the sweet spot of value right now.  Sales of those graded tiers are sitting under $700.  You might be able to IMG_8129-2-199x300 Has WandaVision Introduced Enchantress Into the MCU?pick up an 8.0 for under $1,000.

Cheaper Enchantress Alternatives

Looking for a cheaper alternative to Journey Into Mystery #103? Owning a copy of Vision and the Scarlet Witch #9  would be a real nice pick-up since it directly connects with the two characters of the show.  I also love the cover sub-title, Slaves of the Enchantress! That sub-title sums up my speculation on why Dottie is the Enchantress!  GoCollect lists exactly 1 sale of this comic!  Man, this is a comic you can get on the cheap and can really hit big if it does turn out that the MCU’s next big villain appeared first on Wandavision!

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kevin baird February 22, 2021 - 3:50 pm

Interesting theory… But I’m inclined to think that Dottie is Clea, niece of dread Dormamu. It’s been known for months that WandaVision “leads directly into the next Dr.Strange movie”.
So it makes much more sense (to me anyway) that this character is Clea because of her long standing, close relationship with Dr.Strange.
Visually Dottie could be either The Enchantress or Clea (she looks enough like both) but my moneys on Clea of the Dark Dimension.


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