Harley Quinn Steals the Show

by Norman Robinson III

151806_5252b5c7990a90bf63b49b3d0f36d6b0275ab870-197x300 Harley Quinn Steals the ShowHarley Quinn was created on  Batman: The Animated Series and was an instant hit.  Later her first appearance in comic books was in Batman Adventures #12. This issue really gained momentum prior to Harley’s first movie in 2016. Harley Quinn was played by the beautiful Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad the movie. She basically steals the entire movie. Even Will Smith usually a spritely actor for his age looked out of his element but not Margot Robbie. Nope, she has a certain zest for her role; her portrayal of this character probably made more fans than Harley’s original appearance on the WB Network. This book is just getting started and has several years to run it’s course “lucky you.” 

Batman Adventures #12

This comic book was first produced by DC Comics in 1993. Batman Adventures #12 was created by Kelley Puckett (script) and Mike Parobeck (pencils). The definitive first appearance of Harley Quinn the femme fatale and ultimate villainess. This book in mint condition (9.8) has a $1950 FMV and is tough to find in any condition. I would not go below a fine plus in this comic. After all, it is a Modern Age book there are probably a significant amount of lower grade copies out there. Stick with the grade (6.5) should run you about $300 FMV. Now is a great time to buy this comic. Currently, a (9.8) has returned +9.4% this may seem weak but remember speculation on this comic has been intense. During this zero-media phase since the initial movie, we have had little info. The return for (6.5) has been negative -5.6% and I believe this is mainly due to post movie drop off. One director was removed another installed and now everyone is waiting for more info on Birds of Prey. There was a huge run-up to the Suicide Squad when it came out in 2016, hopefully, Birds of Prey has the same impact.

I like this comic book for the longer term, 3-5 years max. I would simply buy and hold. Once, Margot Robbie puts on a tight skirt and gives us her impish smile watch this book explode!  From the time period of 1/1/14 thru 1/27/15, this book gained +46.4% FMV in value for the grade (9.8) mint. I would expect when the first trailer hits from Birds of Prey you can look for +40% return on investment, easy peasy. In addition, to the movie catalyst, you have a CGC Census with only 4,657 books outstanding. This leaves tons of room for additional copies to be purchased and graded without flooding the market. Apparently, this is a low distribution comic book; but I have not been able to verify that claim from the websites I use. However, it makes sense this character had never been in a movie (not counting animation) until twenty-three years after creation.

152711_508a36cfffa2fbbced7494821af1c9e6bf7939eb-199x300 Harley Quinn Steals the ShowThe Batman Adventures: Mad Love #1

Another great book to own is The Batman Adventures: Mad Love #1. It has had relative success as the second appearance of Harley and her first origin story in comics. Currently, mint grade (9.8) sells for $350. A quick review by GoCollect’s Analyzer has a recent return at positive +46.2% in one grade. This is her origin story and second appearance.

This book has a better chance at a larger percentage upswing than her pure first appearance. A strong issue that will become better known with the upcoming movie: Birds of Prey. Harley is a deadly deranged femme fatale but at the same time fun to watch on screen and played to perfection by Margot Robbie. She will definitely steal your heart and your wallet along with it.

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