Hardcover series of Secret Agent Corrigan starts in July

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Corrigan1_cvr Hardcover series of Secret Agent Corrigan starts in JulyMedia Release — IDW Publishing announced today a new hardcover series from its Library of American Comics imprint — X-9: Secret Agent Corrigan. Drawn by Al Williamson and written by Archie Goodwin from 1967 through 1980, Secret Agent Corrigan is one of the classics of modern adventure newspaper comics.The multi-book series is the first-ever comprehensive collection of the strip and will be printed from Al Williamson’s personal proofs in an oversized format that matches IDW’s exquisite Rip Kirby series by Alex Raymond. The first volume features an introduction by Mark Schultz, and an essay on X-9’s long history by Bruce Canwell.

“Al Williamson’s delicate line-work, coupled with a style that’s both realistic and atmospheric, enhances the no-nonsense story of the sophisticated action hero Phil Corrigan,” said series editor Scott Dunbier. Dean Mullaney, series designer and the Library of American Comics Creative Director, added, “Archie Goodwin’s unerring sense of pacing, which he developed in comic books, is even more noticeable in the daily strip format.”

Secret Agent Corrigan updates the character created in 1934 by Dashiell Hammett (The Maltese Falcon) and Alex Raymond (Rip Kirby). X-9 was originally an agent known only by his code name, who worked for an unknown government agency. Over the years, the series benefited from the individual styles of many writers and artists—including Leslie Charteris (author of The Saint novels), Charles Flanders, Mel Graff, Bob Lubbers, and George Evans — but it is the Goodwin/Williamson tenure that is most fondly remembered by today’s comics fans. It was during their run that X-9 received the name of Phil Corrigan.

X-9: Secret Agent Corrigan, Volume One ($49.99, 296 pages) debuts in July 2010. Diamond order code MAY10 0403. ISBN 978-1-60010-677-2.

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