Hard Corps: Collecting the Lantern Keys

by Matt Tuck

Green-Lantern-43-193x300 Hard Corps: Collecting the Lantern KeysWith the impending arrival of the Gold Lantern Corps, (GLC), there is now 10 different colors for the Green Lantern, (GL) mythos. Is it worth your time to collect the different Corps’ key issues?

The new Gold Lantern won’t boost values for the Corps, but the upcoming Green Lantern series for HBO Max very well could. What could also inflate prices is the oft-rumored Green Lantern Corps movie that Geoff Johns and DC Comics promise is still in the works. That being said, here are five issues you’ll want to round up in case either of those come to fruition.



Top 5 Green Lantern Issues to Look For

Tales-of-the-Green-Lantern-Corps-2-198x300 Hard Corps: Collecting the Lantern KeysTALES OF THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS #2 (1981)

One of the oldest characters in today’s list is Nekron. First appearing back in 1981, he would become the guardian for the Black Lantern Corps and the primary antagonist for Blackest Night.

As a minor character, Nekron’s debut issue, even graded at a 9.8, generally sells for under $100. In fact, the last time one traded hands was in April for $90.




Green-Lantern-20-2007-190x300 Hard Corps: Collecting the Lantern KeysGREEN LANTERN #20 (2007)

As Geoff Johns was gearing up for Blackest Night and the War of Light, he gave Carol Ferris a promotion.

While the original Star Sapphire first appeared in 1947’s Flash Comics #32, Ferris became the second and best-known Sapphire in Green Lantern #16 from 1962. In 2007, Johns introduced the Star Sapphire Corps, and Carol would later be crowned as their queen.

There isn’t much of a market for this issue since there are no new characters introduced. The most recent sale was for a 9.6 in 2015, and it was for a mere $11.


Green-Lantern-25-194x300 Hard Corps: Collecting the Lantern KeysGREEN LANTERN #25 (2007)

We didn’t see much of them, but this issue gave readers the first appearances of the Red, Blue, and, Orange Lantern Corps, as well as the Indigo Tribe. It also marks the debuts of Atrocitus, Munk, Larfleeze, and the Scarred Guardian.

Back in 2018, a 9.8 GL #25 averaged $161 for the standard cover and $196 for the variant. The standard cover had an FMV of $121 last year, but the most recent sale was for $140, which is a positive sign.

The variant cover has seen a similar pattern. After being just under $200, last year saw its FMV drop to $150. As with the standard cover, the variant is on the move and recently sold for $170.


Green-Lantern-43-193x300 Hard Corps: Collecting the Lantern KeysGREEN LANTERN #43 (2009)

While no character made a debut in this issue, it still marks the premiere of the Black Lantern Corps. It also kicked off the superb crossover event, Blackest Night, when Black Hand commits suicide and is resurrected as the first Black Lantern.

Since there aren’t any new characters introduced in GL #43, it doesn’t get much traction on the market. The most recent was for a 9.4 in April for $22. The last time a 9.8 sold online was in 2015, and it was for $30 for the standard cover.



Blackest-Night-7-192x300 Hard Corps: Collecting the Lantern KeysBLACKEST NIGHT #7 (2010)

To counter the Black Lanterns, the White Lantern Corps was born in Blackest Night #7. This is the first appearance not only of the White Lanterns but the introduction of Entity, the living embodiment of life and light. In a twist, Sinestro bonds with Entity, becoming the first White Lantern.

Although Entity is not a major character, its first appearance is still valuable. The 9.8 standard edition recently sold for $75 on May 6. When this issue hit store shelves, DC published a variant and sketch cover. While the sketch cover last sold for $30 in 2017, a 9.8 variant was purchased for $140 in 2019.

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