Hake’s Auction #236: Concert Poster Gems up for Bids

by Sarah Thomas

111422D-1024x536 Hake's Auction #236: Concert Poster Gems up for BidsConcert Posters may not make up a large portion of Hake’s Auction #236, but that definitely doesn’t mean there aren’t gems just waiting to be discovered. Check out a few standouts up for bids! Thanks, in advance, to Hake’s Sr. Consignment Manager Scott Mussell for allowing us to pick his brain on some of these awesome pieces.


image-19-211x300 Hake's Auction #236: Concert Poster Gems up for Bids

Item Description;
14×20″. Offset litho on thin cream paper. March 5, 1971 “Revolutionary Intercommunal Day Of Solidarity For Political Prisoners Bobby Seale, Erika Huggins, Angela Davis, Ruchell Magee” w/”Post Birthday Celebration” (and speech by) Huey P. Newton and Kathleen Cleaver. Music by the Grateful Dead illustrates the incredible intersection of the civil rights and counterculture scenes in Oakland at the time. Consistent handling wrinkles and occasional creases, scattered stains top right and minimal foxing. VF.
Value Code:
L – $2,000 to $5,000

 “To see those 2 groups together on the same item is really fascinating. We have both the poster and the handbill. It’s probably the most un-Grateful Dead-looking poster that you’ll ever see; this piece to me is really spectacular. It crosses over into a lot of different types of collecting.”


image-20-195x300 Hake's Auction #236: Concert Poster Gems up for BidsItem Description;

12-13/16×21-1/16″ first and only printing poster for June 7-9, 1968 concerts that took place at Grande Ballroom in Detroit, MI featuring Cream, MC5, Carousel, Nickel Plate Express, St. Louis Union, the James Gang (w/Joe Walsh) and Thyme. Poster design by Gary Grimshaw features stylized photo image of Cream members Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker set against paisley bkg., giving the poster its “Paisley” nickname. Concert was part of tour in support of Cream’s landmark 1967 album Disraeli Gears and the biggest hit of their career – Sunshine Of Your Love – had just ended its half-year run on Billboard’s singles chart. Poster has tiny pin holes at top corners and bottom has horizontal crease running across lower edge .5″ from bottom. Top/bottom margins have aged pieces of masking tape added on back that do not show through on front due to thick paper stock. A small area of surface paper damage at lower left corner, not visible from front and a 1″ horizontal puncture to bottom edge of image area blending evenly. Fine overall and will display above grade once framed. These Grande Ballroom posters were produced in much lower quantities than their Bill Graham Fillmore counterparts making this a rare opportunity.  

Value Code:
L – $2,000 to $5,000

“The Cream poster from Grande Ballroom is very beautiful. I always liked the Grande stuff. The Bill Graham posters have become sort of iconic, but he made so many; sometimes they produced thousands.  Detroit at the Grande Ballroom was a more budget-conscious group. Russ Gibbs was not cranking out these posters. So this stuff is significantly rarer than any of the Bill Graham stuff that you see.


This is a particularly beautiful poster that displays really, really well. It has a couple of condition issues and there’s some tape on the back, but it’s a great-looking poster. “

THE BEATLES 1966 CANDLESTICK PARK CONCERT TICKET PSA FULL 9 MINT (POP 1, HIGHEST GRADED EXTANT)image-23-1024x495 Hake's Auction #236: Concert Poster Gems up for Bids

Item Description;
This auction presents something truly special for fans of The Beatles – the finest known example of a full ticket from their historic final concert before a paying audience, which took place August 29, 1966 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, CA. (This) ticket was for Lower Stand Admission (Gate E, Section 44, Seat 160) and cost $4.50. This is the highest graded example extant of this historic ticket and according to the PSA Census, the only such one in existence. 
Value Code:
N – $10,000 to $20,000

“We have a Beatles ticket from Candlestick; the very last show. This is also the single highest graded in the census, so it’s a population of one. We’ll see what happens with this one. You’re talking about the Beatles and the last show, and it looks great. This checks all the boxes in that sense.”


image-25-300x224 Hake's Auction #236: Concert Poster Gems up for Bids

Item description;

17×23″ thin cardboard poster for July 4, 1978 concert at  Rich Stadium in Buffalo, NY featuring The Rolling Stones. The concert was part of The Stones’ 1978 US Tour, a concert tour of the US that took place during June and July 1978, immediately following the release of the group’s 1978 album Some Girls. Poster feature stylized photo image of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards performing at microphone. Originally lt. blue in color, poster has evenly aged/faded to tan in color (original color visible on back). Poster has pin holes and some creases at corners and shows scattered margin wear, w/small tears and a small spot of moisture staining. Faint 8″ vertical crease at upper right. VG.

Value Code:
J – $700 to $1,000

“If you’re talking about the Beatles, you have to talk about the stones. There are several Stones posters in this auction from some of their seventies tours. The one that stands out to me the most is this one-off poster from 1978 in Buffalo. Especially in the American marketplace, anything that they put out on that tour was a huge success and this poster is actually quite scarce. It’s got a great image of Keith and Mick at the microphone and as a plus, it’s horizontal. So often posters are vertical; this one fits the space differently.”


image-26-206x300 Hake's Auction #236: Concert Poster Gems up for BidsItem Description;

First printing 14×20.5″ stiff glossy paper poster for May 23-25, 1969 concerts at Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose, CA that featured Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin, Santana, Canned Heat, Spirit, Steve Miller, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters and more. Center features Art Nouveau-inspired design w/angels flanking a woman clutching a rose. “Produced By Bob Blodgett – © Linda Segul 1968” text at bottom margin. Tiny corner bumps at bottom, but o/w Exc. w/bold color and crisp printing on this always in-demand poster.
Value Code:
J – $700 to $1,000

“This one has beautiful graphics. But it’s also, I think, the only time that Hendricks and Zeppelin played together on the same stage. As far as rarity, this is one that’s out there and you can probably find them, but it’s got such a great lineup and such good graphics that I think it will always be one that’s in demand.”

When it comes to posters, remember that these things were made to go up on walls. They were made to go up on telephone poles. They were made to be destroyed.  The fact that they survived is kind of special. Don’t miss out on a chance to add the perfect find to your walls.

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