by Norman Robinson III

715052_37180362721f5940fb8288090b27403b45c0f494-195x300 Gwenom-Verse

Radioactive Spider-Gwen #24 is the latest version of Venom spreading its tendrils into the Gwenverse; with Robbi Rodriguez and Scott Campbell on art while Jason Latour handles the writing for this derivative storyline. To say this comic has rocketed up the charts is to understate its efficacy as a speculative purchase. It has meteored past the competition, up 6,359 ranks to top 100th most popular comic for the Modern Age (GoCollect). Great news, but there is a certain amount of skew in the numbers as this comic has a small historical range of sales. However, we can’t get around the fact, that over the last three months there has been a six-fold increase in sales over that time frame. The first appearance of Gwenom is hot.

I expect this title to continue to move up rankings and eventually reach perhaps the top 25. The last sale eight days ago returned $125 for a near mint (9.8 +), not bad, for such a new comic.

Is this book a splash in the pan, temporary offset, skewed numbers, irrational exuberance, or merely an exciting take on a new comic character and a natural progression for the Gwenverse into the Venom popularity?

As Venom infects the entire Marvel Universe, and beyond. It is important to realize that this rapid an expansion of one character (Venom) could lead to people being turned off by the Venomising of the MCU. With that warning intact; this seems to be reasonable speculation until Venom appears on a screen. Once Venom’s movie premieres, then I would unload this Radioactive Spider-Gwen #24 for a nice profit and as fast as possible.

Transformers More Than Meets the Eye!

Transformers #1 was sold in stores in 1984 and had a script from Bill Mantlo and the pencils of Frank Springer and Bill Sienkiewicz. During the 1980’s this comic was published, but teenagers didn’t even bother to read it back then. I thought they were just for little kids, and nothing would ever become of them.

Fast forward 33 years, many movies, animations and comic books later and it is still popular today, shocker! The Hasbro company that owns the rights to Transformers has done an exceptional job of turning a minor comic book, and some toys into an entire world, perhaps even a “transformed” universe.

Though I was never a fan, my son is and alerted me to the possibility of this being a huge franchise. Furthermore, he insisted we go to see Michael Bay’s new movie: Transformers. I have to admit it was a fun movie to watch. My kid still loves Transformers even today, and I am proud he collected his Transformers #1 years ago.

This comic book went up, and down with each movie or favorite TV show that came out over the last few years. Now, it is again surging probably in response to the new spinoff movie for Bumblebee due out this December 2018. I guess we can check the box for movie catalyst.

Quantitatively, what is the return on investment or ROI for Transformers #1 over the last three months? If you owned a copy; your near mint has transformed into $413 on average a 68% return. The value of this issue has improved with age. Due to recent speculation, we have seen yields north of 50%. This first appearance of the Autobots will have an incredible impact on transforming your total returns as a speculator by years end.

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